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Topfield / Daylight savings question
« on: March 31, 2012, 05:32:18 PM »
Are steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 overkill?  Doesn't the guide data move 1 hour after disabling daylight savings (like it does on a Beyonwiz) making it unnecessary to clear and reload the guide?

1. Click "Menu' on the remote.
2. Choose Settings, then Time.
3. Change the "Daylight Saving Time" option to OFF.
4. Press Menu to go back to Settings, then choose IceTV.
5. Press the RED button while in the IceTV menu to "Reset EPG Data".
6. Answer Yes to the confirm you do want to clear the cache.
7. Check that your device is still selected.
8. Change to the Reservations page on your Topfield.
9. Press the YELLOW button to "Delete All" reservations.
10. Answer Yes to the confirm you do want to delete all reservations.
11. Turn the Topfield unit off.
12. Go to the TV Recorders tab on our website, and log in if asked, here:
13. Click on the 'Resend all recordings' link on the same row as your Topfield device.
14. Turn the Topfield unit on.
15. Leave the Topfield on for 15 minutes.

Humax / Format USB drives in FAT32 in Windows
« on: January 20, 2012, 03:14:33 PM »
Formatting your USB hard drives in FAT32 is ideal for use with PVRs, Smart TVs and Computers (including Windows, Mac and Linux) as it can be read and written to by all of them.  The only real downside is that FAT32 can only support file sizes up to 4GB, so large movies recorded on HD channels may need splitting in to 2 or 3 parts.

If you are a Windows user you may have discovered that Windows will not let you format a drive larger than 32GB as FAT32. So I'd suggest formatting the HDD using Ridgecrop's free app called guiformat. Then both Windows and the Humax will be able to use it without any further issues.

To download guiformat click on the following link then click on the picture of the application (NOT the google add below it)

How about an option in each member's account to specify the default recording quality. It would save those who record SD when there's a choice from having to change the quality to 'Prefer Std Def' every time they set a series recording.

Or better yet, automatically set the quality to the type of channel that the series is being set on:
* If the series is being set on a HD channel auto set it to 'Prefer High Def'.
* If the series is being set on an SD channel auto set it to 'Prefer Standard Def'.

This way the quality setting is more foolproof and ex TiVo and Foxtel users won't keep complaining about IceTV doing the wrong thing, like recording the ABC News on the wrong channel. i.e. Complaints like "If I set a series recording on ABC1 I don't want it to record on ABC24" and "I don't want to need to learn which channel is HD and which is SD".

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