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Topfield / Assigning listings to the right 'duplicate' channel in 2460?
« on: November 17, 2011, 11:39:37 AM »
Hi all,

Got my first PVR installed last night, (2460), as an 'upgrade' from a media centre PC as I wanted something more stable that needs less tweaking to keep working. So far, that's not being the case!
I've scanned the channels, fine. Ice TV linked, fine, and I re-sent my recordings and they appeared in the reservations. All good.

I saw all the duplicate empty channels, and did a bit of surfing to see what that was all about, No worries, I now understand what they are and how to rid them.

My problem is, I had two channels 7's. One is great, the other has no signal. Unfortunately, Ice TV listings are tied to the channel with no signal.

I did a factory reset and rescan, this time the listings went against the correct channel 7, but now ABC2 has flipped. I have 2 ABC2's, both receive a signal but one is unwatchable due to signal strength. The unwatchable signal is the one that has the listings against it and is the one that will be used to schedule recordings.

So, my first question is, how can I force the listing against the correct channel when there are duplications? (I've checked all the LCN's in my account on Ice TV and they are all set to the right channels). The awkward thing is, I guess, that the duplicates have the same channel number, (like both ABC2's are channel 22 but only one gets the listing ' the wrong one!).

Secondly, after resetting and rescanning, Ice TV the unit is no longer receiving the schedules from Ice TV interactive, (I did a resend all twice and left the unit on all night).

Any tips would be great, if I can't get this working flawlessly after all the troubles I've had with the Media Centre PC the Chief Financial Officer will come after me with her rolling pin!


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