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IceTV EPG Content / The Flash - missing episode number
« on: October 19, 2019, 10:23:40 PM »
The Flash
'Attack On Gorilla City'
10 Peach, 11:00pm, Mon, 21 Oct 2019

has no episode number.  It should be S03E13

IceTV EPG Content / Tom and Jerry
« on: October 19, 2019, 09:54:17 PM »
The episodes you have listed as "Tom and Jerry Tales" on 9Go! Sydney at 4pm Weekdays are not a part of the "Tom and Jerry Tales" listed in TVDB.
They are part of "The Tom and Jerry Show" TVDBID#ID280446

IceTV EPG Content / Looney Tunes
« on: October 19, 2019, 08:45:14 PM »
I thought it was good to see Looney Tunes on your TV guide, and provided a chance to relive some classic animation, and maybe see if my kids enjoyed these classics.
And it was great to see that you even included episode numbers and names for these, but unfortunately they don't match up with the TVDB so Plex and Traktv can't identify these episodes.
You show two different shows screening...

1) The Looney Tunes Show - this show is TVDBID#ID248368, but the episodes being screened are not a part of this show, they are actually in "New Looney Tunes" TVDBID#300683.  And each screening is actually 4 episodes.  So for instance the episode screened on 19/10/19 in Sydney and labelled "The Looney Tunes Show - 2018-04-29 00 00 00 - Quiet The Undertaking Bugs Bunny Wet Feet There's A Soccer Born Every Minute" needs to be relabeled in Plex as "New Looney Tunes - S01E93-S01E96 - Quiet The Undertaking Bugs Bunny Wet Feet There's A Soccer Born Every Minute". 

2) Classic Looney Tunes - although this is descriptive, there is no such show, and Plex for some reason matches this show to "Baby Looney Tunes" TVDBID#71301.
 The correct show is just "Looney Tunes" TVDBID#72514.  Of course the correct naming would be of only limited benefit if you actually can provide the episode numbers and/or names too, and I don't know if you are given that information?  For instance the episode screen in Sydney on 19/10/19 and labelled "Classic Looney Tunes - 2019-10-19 07 00 00 - Episode 10-19" actually includes all of these episodes:
S1959E02 Mouse-Placed Kitten
S1952E29 Full Coverage
S1964E09 Hawaiian Aye Aye

Any chance you could correct these?  It's nice to collect some of these shows, but probably not worth the effort if I have to relabel every episode manually.

IceTV EPG Content / Mrs. Brown's Boys
« on: October 19, 2019, 08:17:30 PM »
For weeks I've had problems with Mrs.Browns Boys episode numbers, and figured I'd just put up with it, as they appear to have a lot of their episodes named as specials rather than seasons, and I was happy just to rename these episodes after recording.  But it's becoming more of a problem, continually trying to re-record episodes I already have, and conflicting with other recordings, so I thought I'd ask in case you can fix it.  I'm not sure how IceTV and Plex can deal with "Special" episodes?

Here are the examples from the current guide.  All on Sydney TV, Channel 7Two, recording with Plex DVR
* Sun 20/10 9:30pm labelled S03E07 Mammy Christmas - is actually Special 04
* Sun 20/10 10:15pm labeled as S03E08 The Virgin Mammy - is actually Special 05
* Mon 21/10 10:30pm labelled as S04E01 Buckin' Mammy  - actually Special 06
* Thu 24/10 10:10pm labelled as 4/9/14—Who's a Pretty Mammy? - actually Special 07
* Fri 25/10 11:15pm labelled as S01E07 - Mammy's Gamble - actually Special 10

I've even tried adding entries in the Plex database, creating for instance a copy of the episode and labelling it S01E07 - Mammy's Gamble, but even with this in the database, Plex is still (for a reason I cannot yet fathom), trying to re-record this episode.

Any ideas how you can better label these Specials?

IceTV EPG Content / Life Sentence - wrong episode scheduled
« on: September 16, 2019, 04:43:00 PM »
Life Sentence - Sydney - Thu 19/9/19 - 12:40am
Most other programs have this episode listed as S01E09, rather than S01E08.  The latter was already screened 12/9

IceTV EPG Content / Lethal Weapon - not a repeat
« on: August 04, 2019, 07:58:41 AM »
Plex XMLTV - Sydney 9HD Thu 8th Aug 10:45pm
This episode is a premiere but is not being set to record unless I set to record repeats too

IceTV EPG Content / The Fate of the Furious
« on: July 30, 2019, 07:18:21 AM »
In Plex, The Fate of the Furious is a appearing as a series rather than a movie.
I realise it's being screened twice this week, and that it is a very long franchise, but still I don't think that makes it a series :-)
Sydney, 8:30pm Wed 31/7 and 8:30pm Mon 5/8

IceTV EPG Content / Agent Carter
« on: July 30, 2019, 07:11:35 AM »
This week you have duplicate episode numbers on some episodes which means that Plex will only record one of them.
Plex, Sydney, 2pm on each of the following days...
I believe the correct episode numbering for this week's episodes are:
Wed 7/25/16 -> S02E03
Thu 7/25/16 -> S02E04
Fri 8/1/16 -> S02E05
Mon 8/1/16 -> S02E06

Plex / Foreign Language Movies
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:16:23 PM »
It seems there's no easy way to tell from the guide when a movie (or show) is in a foreign language.
Any suggestions?
I live in Sydney and use Plex with IceTV XMLTV

General Discussions / Suggestion: Email newsletter of pilot episodes
« on: June 19, 2019, 10:06:40 PM »
I wonder if it would be possible for IceTV to create another newsletter for subscribers that advised any series pilots coming up in the next week?
I can get a similar newsletter from Trakt, but that relates to US screening times rather than local Australian programming.
I think it would be good if such a newsletter contained all upcoming S01.E01 shows, even if they were repeats - that way we could know to start recording an old show from the start (assuming of course that the network played the episodes in order - I know they don't always)

IceTV EPG Content / Travel Oz - no season and episode numbers
« on: June 19, 2019, 08:25:12 PM »
I'm in Sydney using Plex and HDHR tuner.
Now, I'm not particularly a fan or expert on this Travel Oz show - I've never actually watched an episode yet!
But I thought I might take a look at it, so I added it to my recording schedule, and have noticed that it has no season or episode numbers.  I couldn't find it on or either.  But I did find an official site to the show at
So I thought, as a learning exercise, I'd try to add the show to thetvdb and trakt myself
So I've added 4 seasons and all episodes for each season including a name and description for each episode, copying and pasting direct from the shows own site.
The tvdb ID is #365661
However, the episode names appear to be similar but not identical to the ones shown on your guide. 
And the episode dates are also different (and a little more time-consuming to get from the official site) so I have not added these into thetvdb.
Is this tvdb information I have added something you can use in your guide?
If not, is there a better way I could have done this to make it useful?

IceTV EPG Content / The Project - repeats
« on: June 19, 2019, 11:10:33 AM »
I was wondering if repeats of The Project could be named the same as the original screening?

Here's the problem...
I figured I should know a bit more about what's going on in the world and decided to record The Project rather than just dramas and comedies.
I'm using Plex, and initially setup to record new episodes only and to keep for 7 days.  But frequently I'd miss the original prime time screening (because I really am recording too much other stuff!).   So then I set it to record repeats too.  But IceTV names each episode with both the date and time of the screening, so Plex sees these as different episodes, and records both of them.

What I need ideally is for the episodes to be named with the date only, rather than time too.
Except that, if a repeat screens at/after midnight, then it would have to have the name of the previous night's episode (which is the one it's repeating, rather than the current date).

Is that possible, or is that asking too much?


I'm using Plex Server on a NAS.  I've so far signed up to just the Plex subscription, but am wondering what extra (if any) would I get from the full IceTV subscription vs Plex subscription?
There is a place on the IceTV website that says you don't get smart recording on the Plex.
Does that mean I can't record from the IceTV app, record series that haven't started yet, etc?
Thanks in advance,
EDIT: IceTV support has advised me that for Plex users, there is no advantage to having anything but the Plex subscription

The installation instructions for Plex say that you should NOT tick the Enhanced Guide setting, because "(IceTV includes enhanced program guide images and information)"
However, I found that for quite a few programs, especially movies, there was no cover art displayed on the EPG, whereas ticking this box and refreshing the guide displayed the correct cover art.  Is it OK then to leave this box ticked?

FYI, there are few things in your setup instructions that need updating.  For instance "DVR (Beta)" in the settings menu has been replaced with "Live TV & DVR".

The option to "Enable more frequent program guide refreshes" does not exist in the current Plex server (at least not on QNAP NAS).  Without this option, I'm not sure how to make the guide update just before prime time as the setup instructions suggest?


Plex / Full IceTV Subscription vs Plex Subscription
« on: April 15, 2019, 11:36:36 AM »
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and looks like I'm also the first one posting in the Plex messageboard!  Perhaps this is more a question for Support/Sales?
I'm using Plex on a NAS.  Wasn't very happy with the built-in EPG, but so far IceTV looks much better - loads automatically, refreshes faster and includes correct episode numbers.  I've so far signed up to just one month with the Plex subscription until I work out what I need, and wanted some advice.
There is a place on the website that says you don't get smart recording on the Plex.
Does that mean I can't record from the app, record series that haven't started yet, etc?
For a Plex PVR, what extra (if any) would I get from the full IceTV subscription vs Plex subscription?
Thanks in advance,

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