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General Discussions / Icetv not syncing well with Beyonwiz T2
« on: July 11, 2017, 10:56:05 AM »
i am subscribed to Ice TV and downloaded the plugin for my T2. i logged on to Ice TV via my T2. checked the Log - all good.
Logged in to Ice TV App on my iPhone and programmed some recordings. Pressed the Update button on the Ice TV App - all seemed ok.
but, i only have 2 of 10 or so Timers set on my T2. i then went into the Ice TV plugin on T2 and did a manual fetch. It said it was successful. Checked the log - it said timers downloaded successfully, but they are not in the T2 timer list.
i have rebooted T2 and rebooted the GUI as well.
any ideas please, otherwise i may as well unsubscribe from Ice TV.


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