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NOTE: I have a Humax HDR3000T. This applies to THAT model and may well to others but I dont know for sure.

I have contacted ICE TV support, a number of times, since I bought my Humax HDR3000T regarding the fact that it will NOT obey the padding times I put on it and also that if I have a series I am recording, such as Neighbours and I dont watch the episodes until the weekend, on the Humax I cannot go to the left to select the date of the episode that I wish to watch. You can only watch them in REVERSE order.

In order to fix these problems, I contacted Humax again. They decided to address the problem of padding time, first and asked me to select the normal BASIC TV guide and not ICE TV and try to add padding. It WORKED! However, I decided to see whether the show I put in showed it would obey the extra padding and while there, went into my SERIES shows where I have more than one episode waiting to see what they said. Wonder of wonders, without ICE TV selected, I can watch them in the correct order but I can NOT watch them in the correct order if I use ICE TV.

Therefore, as Humax has confirmed, this is an ICE TV problem, not a HUMAX problem and this HAS to be fixed.

Padding AND ability to select to watch one episode out of 2 or more waiting to be watched are all ICE TV fault because they work on a BASIC TV guide but not on ICE TV.

Therefore, if you want to have ICE TV scheduling or to add padding if you did not do so before using ICE TV, you need to revert to BASIC TV guide and add padding to any random show, let it be recorded and afterwards you can return to ICE TV guide for scheduling and the padding WILL be obeyed from that time forward. If you want to watch your recorded shows where you have more than one of the same series waiting to be viewed, you HAVE to revert to the BASIV TV guide in order to watch them from START to FINISH or to select any episode in between. If you do not, all you can do is watch them in REVERSE order.

Again, this is NOT a Humax problem. It is ICE TV and Humax have now confirmed this with me, on the phone, as I tested it.

Over to you, Ice TV. When will the fix be out? BTW, I already sent a complaint to support. Anyone else with this problem please do the same!


What is going on? Humax HDR3000T and suddenly nothing being recorded, no TV guide, nothing. So I do a full reset, format hard drive, get rid of everything and setup all over again and STILL the same NOTHING rubbish from IceTV guide.

I am not recording any of my shows because of this but I CAN go to the normal aerial TV guide (not over internet) and get it all. So why am I paying IceTV anything if I can get it more reliably for free?


Humax / Padding not being added
« on: January 21, 2017, 11:50:47 AM »
I have been thinking my Humax hdr3000t had a problem. No matter what I did, I couldnt get padding added to start or end of recordings. So, today, I did a complete reset and reformat in case that might help but no it didnt. After working out that padding just wasnt working any longer, I looked on internet to find that in 2012, this was a reported problem between Humax and IceTV, that padding wasnt being added and they were looking into it.

When will this be fixed? Basically, for the moment it is useless using my recorder as anything other than a reminder to watch shows on catch up. So why buy a recorder at ALL when you can have catch up. If no recorder, why buy Ice TV TV guide when you can have them free anyway?

I doubt it will be fixed because it is still here 3 years later. If it isnt fixed Ice TV and Humax are looking like items not needed any longer. Not good for business.

So Ice TV, any idea if you will fix this at all?

Humax / New additions to TV Schedule NOT being sent to my HDR-3000T
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:14:23 PM »
I have just paid for Ice TV. I had previously been on the trial of it and set up some recordings via it on my Humax which were recorded to Ice Tv fine. I went back to standard down the aerial TV guide for a while and decided to come back to Ice TV because when you scan for new channels, the Humax wipes out all your previously scheduled shows. Ice TV updated my Humax with everything I had previously set so I started adding shows to Ice TV that I have, since, wanted to see and add. They appear on the Ice TV list but they do NOT appear on my Humax.

Further, one I want to see VERY much is Chicago Fire and it is on again next week. I can see it in the TV guide on my Humax and I can click on it but I when I click on Record the Series or Episode, absolutely nothing happens.

Will Ice TV *PLEASE* fix this bug? I cant have anything new that I add here appear on my Humax but the old stuff I already had appeared. Why not new stuff?

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