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Hi,  I noticed an odd issue which could be a bug.
When I set recordings and choose Advanced Options, usually I have no problems choosing a network for the series recording. However when I do the same through the Most Popular page and choose Advanced Options, Network there is only "WIN" or "any network" to choose from.  I can go back later and choose a network through a different page. 
Now, this is not a big issue since the recording will work when "any network" is chosen. 
So it seems to me that there is a bug on the Most Popular page when listing the available networks.
Cheers, Mick  ;)

Beyonwiz / Townsville 9Life EPG not going to P1 & P2 but ok on T3
« on: August 07, 2016, 03:25:38 PM »

OK, my problem:
since the SC & WIN swap I am not getting EPG data for the new 9Life channel in Townsville for my P1 & P2 Beyonwizzers, however my T3 wizz gets the data just fine.

In IceTV I have SC 9Life and LCN 54 selected.

in both my P1 & P2 wizzers I have LCN 54 chosen in my favourites. The channel works as I can watch shows on it.

The EPG Guide works fine for the other SC channels, 5, 50, 52 & 53.  Why doesnt it work for 54?

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?
cheers, Mick

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