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Hello Forum Folks.

I'm noticing various programs, apparently random, appear in the Ice TV Perth schedule with no title. Usually it's about 1-2 per day, that I happen to be recording.

I'm using a Beyonwiz T4 (latest firmware - 20151104 4.4), and I'm finding such programs in my media recordings list. But instead of their show name, they have the date and time, and service name. e.g.

20151123 1658 - TEN DIGITAL instead of Ten News

I've chcked the 'Meta' files for the recordings, and the title is missing there too (changing this, renames the show properly). I've checked my recording history, and sure enough the title is missing there too. Hence I believe it's the EPG (I'm using IceTV) that is having a few gaps, which is then passed on to the recording, effectively naming it blankly.

Sure enough, it just happened again just now... It was ABC's Behind the News that was affected. I looked in IceTV, and it wasn't labelled there.

It's frustrating to have to try and find out which show it is that is missing it's title (and then rename it), making sure not to watch a series out of order!

I've got the guide set to update every 5 mins right now.

So far I can't see a pattern to it... Just that it happens to a couple shows a day (I'm recording say 10-12 shows per day). Recent occurrences included: Ten News, How to Get Away With Murder, and Behind the News, but it will probably a different couple of shows later / next time.

Any ideas why there are these near-random like glitches in the IceTV guide?

Cheers, D.

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