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« on: June 01, 2016, 12:54:27 PM »
Has anyone installed Plex "server" on a Skippa?

I really like my Skippa but it's delivery of recorded shows over DLNA sucks. It displays recordings with incorrect names so the experience can be very hit and miss and it doesn't share any HD channel recordings.  Was wondering if Plex might improve that experience. I'm currently feeding media off a Netgear NAS using plain old DLNA without any issues but keen to try Plex if it improves the situation for me.

General Discussions / 9HD has issues on my Topfield
« on: December 11, 2015, 11:06:16 PM »

Not sure if this is the best place to ask this but. I recorded a program for my daughter on 9HD a couple of days ago on my Topfield TF7100. Discovered when she watched it that we can't pause or fast forward the recording. This seems to be specific to this channel as I tried recording something else and got the same result. I can pause it live and timeshift however. Is there something special about this channel that causes this? Do I need a Firmware update? Can't imagine that will be happening. Any assistance is appreciated. Not sure where to start with this one.

SKIPPA / Can't see recordings on network
« on: November 30, 2015, 08:57:31 PM »
I've seen this before but not since the firmware update. I've got 4 recordings on my Skippa that I cannot see from the TV in the other room when I access the recordings via DLNA. I've rebooted the Skippa but they're still not showing up. They're there if I access the Skippa directly and show recordings.

Is this a "refresh" issue which I've seen in other DLNA servers or is this some secret Skippa feature that I haven't worked out yet?

SKIPPA / What is my best option now?
« on: October 15, 2015, 10:07:09 PM »
Ok so I've adjusted to the fact that ICE TV is gone but what I'm not sure about is what should I do next.

I Have:
2 x Topfield TF7100HDPVRt boxes (1 x 320 GB and 1 x 500GB)
1 Skippa (only very slightly used.

I see a lot of talk about Beyonwiz and I know Topfield still has models. Should I stick to my existing Topfields even though these don't have any DLNA ability which I was really looking forward to with the Skippa or should I possibly consider another device? I really don't want to throw another bundle of cash at this if I can avoid it.

Is there any service that approaches the ability of ICE TV to curate the programs and organise my recording schedule for me or am I stuck with a full manual approach regardless of what ever devices I select?


SKIPPA / Clock stopped on Skippa
« on: September 29, 2015, 10:02:10 PM »
Got up this morning and found the clock on my Skippa which was in standby stuck at 04:37. Checked it tonight and found no errors but it stayed at 17:37 when I put it back into standby. Checked and found a software update available do did that then rebooted. Seems ok now. Anyone noticed this behaviour?

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