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SKIPPA / Additional storage for Skippa
« on: July 13, 2015, 04:42:31 PM »
I really like what I've heard so far about Skippa and am very tempted to place an order but am I the only one who thinks that 1tb is a tad small - especially considering the Skippa's three tuners!   :)

Is IceTV considering offering a 2tb version?  Our current machine is a TiVo with 1.16tb and it full.  My wife and I often record an entire series before starting to watch it.  We have, for example, a complete set of 'The Wire' ready to be watched at some future date!

I know it is possible to archive files onto a USB drive but we don't want to have to stuff around with that - we just want to have ready access to a large collection of files and, let's face it, a 2tb drive is not an unreasonable/expensive option these days.


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