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SKIPPA / Anyone want my Skippa? - SOLD
« on: December 18, 2015, 08:12:03 AM »
Hi. Hope this post is appropriate here. Anyone want to buy my Skippa? It's working perfectly, skips ads fine, and I love it. But my wife can't handle the four-line TV Guide and wants to go back to the Sage box (that shows all our favourite channels on one screen).

Has been updated to latest (current) firmware.

Best offer gets it. PM or mobile Oh4 Oh3 169 117

I'm about an hour north of Newcastle but happy to post at buyers expense.

Of course I'll continue as a satisfied IceTV customer for my Sage server.



SKIPPA / Failed Recordings - what does 'Expired' mean?
« on: November 18, 2015, 08:55:09 PM »
Hi all. Some of my series timer shows are appearing in Failed Recordings before they are even aired. The shows have the word 'Expired' next to them in the Failed Recordings screen. Any ideas why this is occurring?

All my shows have been set up the same way. For each, I have used the IceTV app, and set them to record on my Skippa. They then appear in the My Week screen okay, but then some of them fail to record.

Also, even though they have all been set up the same way using the app, not all of them shows as 'ST' on my Skippa.

Got me puzzled. Appreciate any help because I really want to keep going with my Skippa as I was one of the lucky ones to (1) actually receive a Skippa, and (2) get one that worked!

Thanks in advance,


General Discussions / Skippa not IceTV compatible???
« on: November 06, 2015, 03:03:46 PM »
Just visited the 'new' IceTV website and checked for compatible PVR devices. Lo and behold, no Skippa! But wait, no Altech either??

Why aren't these compatible devices listed in the 'Compatible' area? If I want to sell my Skippa and advertise it as fully IceTV Compatible, prospective buyers could well call me a liar!

What's going on?


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