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SKIPPA / another bug 1110604
« on: October 20, 2015, 01:12:29 AM »

Help please!!!!

I factory reset my box (something I seriously don't recommend you do anymore) and it has now erased ALL of my series recordings in my IceTV account.

NOT COOL... Can you please do me a big favour and restore them with magical powers you have, hopefully, praying , pleeeeeeaseeee...


SKIPPA / Streaming File Name Errors / Mismatch
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:22:55 AM »
New bug me thinks... Don't recall seeing it on older firmware but could be wrong.

I have been recording a fair bit of stuff on the skippa now. On the box itself it seems fine, all recordings are grouped and working ok, file names or titles are correct.

So over time I have deleted some, recorded more shows, deleted some more after watching, recorded some more, etc etc and so on.

On the box I currently have 5 Big Bang Theory, 1 Auction Hunters, 2 The Chase Australia, 1 800 Words, and a heap more, but you get the idea.

When I try to download those recordings or play them from KODE, I get a totally different set of names. I have like about 10 Big Bang Theory and 3 Auction hunters for example.

When I play them back, they are other shows completely unrelated with different names altogether so I don't get it. They are correct under recorded files on the box though. This just keeps happening the more recordings I do.

Total shutdown down not change things

SKIPPA / BUG - Opera TV menu option not working correctly.
« on: October 05, 2015, 05:01:01 PM »
Hi IceTV,

I have found that repeated use (going in and out) of opera TV seems to kill the menu option.

In simple terms, if you go into the Opera TV store via the menu button rather than the APP button, it works for the first or second time you go in, and subsequent times it seems to just drop you straight back to live TV.

When this occurs however, the APP button on the remote still works though, pressing that goes straight into Opera TV, but still the menu option jumps straight back to live TV until the unit is rebooted.

It's not a biggie, just something I've noticed.


SKIPPA / PLEX - and im not talking about as DLNA - I mean REAL PLEX
« on: October 05, 2015, 02:45:14 AM »
I got PLEX working on the skippa tonight, and I mean REAL PLEX with PLEX PASS and all the meta data and goodies to go with it...

Not just accessing it as a DLNA server, which is slow and definitely NOT on par with the real PLEX experience...

I'm watching Jurassic Park 3 at present off my Plex Server - not through the MEDIA section of the Skippa, but through PLEX in the Opera TV store - and it is fast, smooth and in sync, and working a treat with all the metadata and goodies to go with it.

I'm very excited as you can tell...

Would anyone else like me to detail how this is achieved?



PS, No its not as simple as just opening the Plex App in the Opera TV store, because it isn't there! hehehehehehe

SKIPPA / The purple / pink screen bug seen by some
« on: October 02, 2015, 09:58:53 AM »
I thought id post this here as there doesn't seem to be anything about this bug in the bug reports section.

I have seen that others have had a purple or pink screen on their unit. I have now seen this too but I think it may be a little different to what others have seen, I'm not sure so am posting here anyway in case. To me this doesn't affect my unit at all but it is kind of odd.

So I turned on the Panasonic Viera TV late last night to check something on the Skippa. Before I got a chance to turn on the Skippa itself (so it was still in standby) I noticed that the screen on the TV was actually purple.

It's a very light purple colour and does boarder on kinda pink so I can understand why some people say it's purple and others say it's pink. Either way it's there, even though at this point the Skippa unit is in standby.

So before switching on the Skippa I switched HDMI inputs on the TV to my Altech 9600 which is also currently sitting on the same TV and was also in standby. The screen for that HDMI input was black, showing no signal, just like it usually does when the unit isn't on.

So I switched back to the Skippa HDMI input and up comes the light purple screen again. Switched on the Skippa at this point and it works perfectly, the light purple screen disappears and the unit functions fine. Switching back off to standby and it was back to a normal black screen on the TV as it should be.

So somewhere between switching off and back on the TV, which was probably a couple of hours, it had gone from no output to the TV to an all-screen light purple colour output which must have actually been coming from the Skippa itself.

Again didn't affect the unit at all.


Well first cab off the rank...

You may have all noticed that it stays on pretty much 24/7. If not, well it does...I recall Dave stating that it pretty much only switches off video, and I can confirm this is definitely true...

My unit was off for much of the day (standby) but it still checked the IceTV servers all day long every 10 minutes... So note that the unit doesn't have to be "on" to update recordings and EPG data etc.

More interesting I think was that I was just watching The Chase Australia on my PC streamed from my SKIPPA, which was also on at the time on live TV. I kinda forgot that I was streaming a show on my PC, and I powered off the Skippa to standby.

Now one would think that the streaming would therefore stop...

Nope, still playing fine, just finished that show and have started streaming another, the SKIPPA is still in standby...

Does the SKIPPA stay on 24/7 and only switch off video in standby mode - Confirmed!

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