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Humax / Big problems with streaming from DLNA servers
« on: April 22, 2014, 08:58:08 AM »
I've been debugging this issue for months now, but I'm ready to blame the Humax 7500T for not playing well with DLNA and uPNP media servers.

I have my Humax connected to a wireless network bridge along with my TV. At the other end of the bridge is my Windows 7 computer with a shared 2TB USB drive and a 1TB Seagate NAS disk. The Humax routinely loses connection to the Windows media server - it just crashes 40-45 minutes into playing a video file and I have to reboot the PC and the Humax to get it back.

At first I thought it was a Windows DLNA problem. So I tried other media servers (Serviio, etc) but they had the same problem. Thought it might be a network issue so I tried various solutions including running a temporary cable in place of the bridge, but it still happened.

Recently I've been playing my media files directly from the TV and leaving the Humax out except for recorded shows. The network and DLNA connections are absolutely reliable. No crashes at all. Moreover, the TV will play all media files whereas the Humax spits the dummy on about 20% of downloaded shows ("Can't play that format"). And more-moreover, the TV's presentation of the media files on the DLNA server is 100 times more user-friendly than that of the Humax, and with no delays in reading folders.

I switched to Humax from Beyonwiz, but I don't see myself buying another Humax.

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