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XMLTV (General) / Incorrect Image for the Daily Edition
« on: July 19, 2019, 04:21:19 PM »
The daily addition at channel 7 at 14:00 Perth time is showing wrong image placeholder.

When you download xmltv data it doesn't include what is currently showing I was thinking it was emby fault but discovered that is not there is no guide data for what is on at the moment.

XMLTV (General) / Some thumbnails are not of the show they represent
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:07:41 PM »
First thank you for starting putting thumbnails on some of the shows hopefully we will see more of it just like to notify of two that are incorrect first Sunrise and Mornings as you can see from the attachments that the thumbnails are not correct.

Just a suggestion for some thumbnails for example afl could have a afl ball at the background and for tennis:wimbledon have a tennis ball or tennis court and then that can be reused when a different tennis competition starts.

There hasn't been any posters for movies yet or any openmovie database or other movie database links like it is for series.

Emby is looking great with these thumbnails that have already been added.

Thank you and keep up the great work

Masterchef episode on Tuesday 16 May has the same episode number as the one on Monday night. S9, E12 The pressure test and the one on Tuesday is also S9,E12 - The immunity Challenge. Using Emby Server it is not schedule to record it as it has same episode number.

Thank you

IceTV EPG Content / Mornings tv show uses incorrect image
« on: May 08, 2017, 05:37:45 PM »
The thumbnail for morning show is incorrect I have attached the image as you can see it is not Sonia Kruger and David Campbell.

Thank you

I was wondering will you start adding imdb or themoviedb for the movies since you have started it for the series.

Thank you

I have a question in regards to the number system emby puts info in series but it cannot decipher this episode system as it doesn't change it is not standard xmltv numbering system. Can this be fixed or because there is so many episodes it was just too difficult to do which is understandable.

Thank you

Home and away
<episode-num system="icetv">73-0</episode-num>

<episode-num system="icetv">125-0</episode-num>

I would like to know what will it take for icetv to start adding thumbnails for tv shows i know you have released the api but majority of us cant take advantage of that. Is there a certain number of users that you require to request this service before you will reconsider it ? I am willing to test and offer feedback and i am sure others will do the same.

Emby fatches all the movie metada and it is awesome we just need it for the other items in the tv guide.

Emby is geting better and better since last time i requested this so you should give it at least a test.

WMC has no future which is a great shame but there is an alternative and out of all of the ones available emby looks like it is going to be a replacement not yet but in a year it will probable surpass wmc in capabilities but thumbnails are needed to make it really stand out. 

Thank you

Good Afternoon,

Just letting you know that the episodes during the afternoons are not being market as repeats. 

For example Episode 27 - Mid Week Mayhem will be showing at 3pm today WA time but it is a repeat of last night episode. I noticed that nearly every afternoon it doesn't have repeat flag just was hopping it will be fixed.

Thank you

On WTV Perth a 30 minute series is tagged as movie but it is not and it gets shown in emby and wmc as a movie. Imdb it is a series. Can it be please updated thank you

   <programme start="20160729173000 +0000" stop="20160729180000 +0000" channel="28">
      <title lang="en">The Rifleman</title>
      <desc lang="en">The adventures of a Wild West rancher who wields a customised rapid fire Winchester rifle. Stars: Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Paul Fix and more(United States, English)</desc>
         <actor>Chuck Connors</actor>
         <actor>Johnny Crawford</actor>
         <actor>Paul Fix</actor>
      <category lang="en">Family</category>
      <category lang="en">Movie</category>
      <language lang="en">English</language>
      <country lang="en">United States</country>
      <episode-num system="icetv">29248-0</episode-num>
      <previously-shown start="20110204"/>
      <rating system="">

Emby has now implemented xmltv import which is awesome little issue is that I have to set up webget to download xml file because I don't know how to pass the user id and password in this url ""

Emby can import it straight from a url but because there is a password and user id it needs to be added so emby can download it.

Thank you

On WMC and the same thing with Emby if you set series to record new episodes only for Masterchef it is recording a repeat. The repeat is the following day during the afternoon and the reason why it thinks it is new is because there is no previously shown tag in the xml file.

Thank you

Would you consider adding thumbnails to be included inside your xml files so that they are shown inside wmc and in emby theatre.

I am at work currently but tonight I will update the post to show you the example of hdhomerun dvr service that has all the thumbnails I have asked them can their service be used in third party software but they said unfortunately they can't.

Not sure how complicated this is and it would probable need a legal opinion I guess.

I have found an app yesterday called MCImportXMLTV and it can be configured to connect to metadata service providers. I have managed to get most shows unfortunately it doesn't have all Australian shows. 

I think to get new customers you should consider adding thumbnails I think it just adds additional service level and it looks so cool to have it in wmc and emby. 

Thank you

XMLTV (General) / Will you considering supporting emby server
« on: February 05, 2016, 04:33:56 PM »
The is exceptional useful software for all your media called emby it is a complete media center it is much more powerful than WMC and it is getting constantly better one important item it is lacking is XMLTV import it currently only supports schedules direct. It is very welcoming community and Luke the developer I am sure will assist.

Would like to know would you consider making a program that can interact with emby media I think it has so much potential pvr is not as good as WMC but it already showing promise that it will be even better.

Considering WMC is dead, not yet but will be it could be beneficial to have another client.

Thank you

I have offered a suggestion to the MediaPortal team to provide additional info in the OSD screens as well as Series Recordings. The info is in the XML file so there is no reason why WMC can display it but MediaPortal doesn't and it is a useful information.

A member of the development team mm1352000 has asked me the following "first thing that would have to happen is to add support for the "icetv" episode numbering format. Can't do anything without that. Do you have any documentation about the format? At first glance it doesn't look like a straight <season #>-<episode #> format." 

Is ICETV able to provide that documentation or is that not able to be disclosed to anyone. If you are able to help Mediaportal users will be very grateful.

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