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Humax DVR.
I have about 6 programs being recorded every week and sometimes two programs at the same time without any issues. I was curious in the show called "Dinner Date" on SBS to I set this up to record. No matter if it's the only show in the day being recorded, it will come up with an Error message and email notification of timer failure. I have been trying for a 2-3 weeks and it hasn't recorded once. Has anyone got any ideas why this may be so? Thanks

General Discussions / My Series recordings delete
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:31:41 PM »
For some unknown reason, the series recording setting for ONLY The Big Bang Theory keeps on being removed (changing/removing/deleting) in TV Guide / My Series. The first time it happen, I thought I must of deleted it accidentally, the second time I thought it was strange and  the last time it happen recently I definately know I had not done anything to delete the setting. I have it set to record new episodes only. It has only happen to The Big Bang Theory and I find out when by coincident I see a new episode on TV and wonder why it's not recording, only to discover the recording settings no longer exists in My Series. The Favorite setting remains and therefore it remains listed in My Series.    Has anyone experienced anything like this?

My current PVR is about to die and doing research on next PVR. Does IceTV support/transmit CRID or is this a PVR feature?
Also does IceTV PVR prevent archiving such as transferring recordings onto DVD. A feature that Freeview PVR does not allow.

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