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When I attempt to set up an existing recording on a different device (i.e. to record the same program on two devices) the app opens the screen to update the device.
As a result, the recording simply moves the recording from one device to another.

SKIPPA / Poor remote response
« on: September 23, 2017, 10:13:42 PM »
Lately my Skippa's remote response is not so good.
Its a bit like when there is no network. There will be no response at all for a few minutes and then it will work for about thirty seconds , then back to no response for a couple of minutes.

Timers are coming in fine so the network's ok.

Any thoughts?

IceTV EPG Content / Murdoch Mysteries
« on: July 29, 2017, 10:56:30 PM »
For the second week in a row Seven have put three episodes of Murdoch mysteries on Thursday evening, one of which is a repeat (the third episode shown). Unfortunately we are getting the first and third episodes recorded. I assume Ice TV is identifying the second episode as a repeat instead of the third.  Can this be fixed for the future?

SKIPPA / Red line on the progress bar
« on: June 29, 2017, 10:08:42 PM »
I am getting a thin red line with a filled in triangle at the bottom appearing on my progress bar when playing back a recording.  It looks like some sort of bookmark.  It doesn't seem to have any affect and causes no problems. 

I am just wondering what it is and if possible how to clear it

SKIPPA / All Timers gone from Skippa
« on: May 03, 2017, 08:33:03 PM »
All the timers in My week are missing on my Skippa.  The series are all there but the timers are missing.  The network connection seems OK (i.e. the remote works fine)

The fetches appear up to date as well

SKIPPA / Skippa not recording
« on: January 18, 2017, 11:04:28 PM »
I have found that my Skippa hasn't been recording lately.

I initially thought that it was the Christmas non ratings period, but I can see programs in the My Week list that aren't being recorded.

Further, when I press the Record button nothing happens.

I tried deleting a few recordings, but that didn't help either. There seems to be a reasonable amount of space on the hard drive

I am also getting a few records showing up in the "Failed Recordings". I've never had that happen before.

Is anyone else having a similar problem? 

Any solutions?

It also gets shut down for a few minutes every day.

SKIPPA / Bugs/Workarounds
« on: September 01, 2016, 08:18:09 PM »
OK the Skippa is pretty good, but it's not perfect.
We're stuck with what we've got, but how do get around the minor bugs we have?
The following is a list of bugs and solutions I have discovered.  The causes are my best guess as to what is going on but guess is the key word.  I'm definitely not an expert.

When trying to start a recording, sometimes the Skippa starts the recording and sometimes it switches to the channel you were watching at the time.

The Skippa seems to get confused with the repeats of the OK signal from the remote. A quick single press on the OK button means the remote only sends the signal once and resolves the problem.

Press the OK button with a quick press.

When deleting a recording, the next program in the list often starts.

i.e. Suspect this is the same cause as the previous bug.

Press the Red button with a quick press.

Addskip sometimes jumps too early missing some of the program.

In most cases the bit of program that you miss doesn't matter, but programs often have something dramatic in the final second before an add.  If you can tolerate missing those bits then automatic Add skip is for you.  If you can't, the simple solution is to turn it off and press the Skip (Star) button when you see an add come on.

Turn off Automatic AddSkip.

Duplicate Channels when auto scanning.

In Brisbane I get a lot of the Gold Coast channels come up in the automatic scan. e.g. I get two Channel 2 - ABC channels one a 620.50 MHz (Gold Coast) and the other at 226.50 MHz (Brisbane) and so on for all the major channels. These duplicates cause a number of issues. If left in place the guide becomes cluttered with unused channels. Further, selecting a channel with the remote generally brings up the gold coast channels as they are usually first in the channel list. While blocking and disabling the channels

SOLUTION: (Sort of)
Block and Disable the duplicate channels (I'm not sure what the difference is, but I use both) you don't want. This fixes the issue with the remote and declutters the guide nicely, but actually creates the next bug.

Selecting a channel to view from the guide fails (Channel not available popup shown)

Although the data in the appears to be correct, when you select a program from the list to view, the guide attempts to switch to the first instance of the duplicate channel from the channel list regardless of whether the channel is Blocked/disabled or not. as a result the Channel not available popup is displayed. The only solution is to not have the duplicate channels in the scanned list at all. Unfortunately there is no way to delete a channel once scanned.

This will vary depending on where you are located.
For Brisbane, all the Gold Coast channels are over 600.00 MHz.  The solution is to do a new auto scan, but pull the antenna out once the scan gets up to about 550.00 MHz. This should prevent the extra channels from being detected.
In my case I was lucky.  The auto scan failed at around 600 MHz and when the Skippa restarted only the Brisbane channels

For the Gold Coast, you would start the auto scan with the antenna unplugged and plug it in once the scan gets over 300 Mhz

People in other locations will need to work out if this approach will work for you

Factory Reset to remove all the channels and scan the frequencies for channels you want individually. You will need to know the frequency for each channel required.

Add Skip fails on MPEG4 based recordings.

Some channels broadcast High Definition content using MPEG4. This started happening after the Skippa was released.

No solution

I'm sure there are lots of other bugs. Some with solutions and some without.
Please raise them on this thread so we can collect them all in one place.

SKIPPA / Simple Hardware Modification
« on: August 14, 2016, 08:03:13 PM »
I finally got fed up with the occasional loss of response to the remote control that required a reboot. In my case this required reaching through a gap the height of the Skippa and feeling around the back until I could reach the power lead and pull it out for a few seconds before putting it back in. The 240 Volt end of the power was even more awkward.

I decided to do a simple hardware mod to let me interrupt the power from the front panel.

When I opened it up I found it wasn't quite as simple as I'd hoped. The power inlet is Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Mounted making it difficult to interrupt the power from there, So I had to interrupt the power before it got to there.  The trick would be to connect the power to a second socket then on to a switch to interrupt the power when needed and then back to a plug that plugs into the original power socket. This is how I did it.

First I purchased a 2.1 mm chassis mount socket, a 2.1 mm plug and a momentary off push button switch at Altronics.
Jaycar will have similar items available.
Note: What I mean by a momentary off switch is one that interrupts the circuit when the button is pushed.

Its worth noting that the rear chassis panel unclips from the rest of the chassis. This makes drilling much easier and prevents bits of metal being showered onto the PCB.
I drilled two holes in the rear chassis.
* One in the rear of the chassis above the HDMI socket for the 2.1 mm socket
* a second hole 1 cm to the outside of the existing power socket to provide access for the wires that connect up to the plug that connects to the existing socket.

I then drilled a hole for the switch in the front panel behind the flip up lid where the control switches are located. 
You need to take consideration for the location of this hole.
* Too low and you wont be able to close the lid without activating the switch and interrupting the power.
* Too far to the outside and the screw fixing the front panel in place will be in the way.

Next I mounted the 2.1 mm socket and the switch. You will need to pack the back of the switch with a couple of washers to minimise the amount it protrudes.

I then had to work on the flip up lid.  Fortunately it unclips from the front panel and is actually made up of two pieces. The outside is a thin sheet of plastic that can be unclipped from the lid frame. I drilled a hole in the lid frame in front of the new switch button to provide more space for the switch, reattached the front sheet and clipped the lid back in place. A quick check with a meter showed the lid no longer activated the switch.

I then used some spare wire I had and a soldering iron to wire it up.
* I connected the centre connector on the 2.1 mm socket to the switch
* I connected a wire from the other side of the switch that passed through the hole in the chassis beside the existing power socket.
* I connected a wire to outside connector of the 2.1 mm socket and passed the other end of the wire through the hole beside the existing power socket.   
* I connected the wire from the switch to the centre connector of the 2.1 mm plug and the other wire to the outside connector of the plug. (Don't forget to put the plastic shroud of the plug onto the wires before you connect them)

I then checked the wiring with a meter and confirmed pushing the button interrupted the circuit and plugged the new 2.1 mm plug into the existing 2.1 mm socket.

Finally I connected all the AV/HDMI/Aerial plugs and plugged the power lead into the new 2.1 mm socket. It worked perfectly.
When the unit was up an running I opened the flip down lid and pressed the new button for a few seconds and whin I released the button the unit rebooted.

A couple of points.
It would not have been difficult to do away with the 2.1 mm plug and connect the wires directly to the PCB. I was just wary of taking a soldering iron to a surface mounted PCB. It also means that if you want to remove the PCB from the chassis, the wires would need to be unsoldered.

When selecting the switch, consideration is needed to get one that protrudes a little as possible.  If worse comes to worse, you can always remove the lid and discard it.

You could easily mount the switch on the rear panel as well.

If anyone is interested in doing this and you want pictures let me know



SKIPPA / Skippa Non-Responsive Intermittently
« on: July 29, 2016, 11:06:29 PM »
Recently My router died and was replaced, but since the Skippa becomes non-responsive to the remote from time to time.
The behaviour is similar to when the IceTV servers were down.

The network seems to be OK but the network address is different i.e. Changed from 10.1.x.x to 192.168.x.x.

I'm guessing it something to do with this but I'm not sure what to do about it.

Any Ideas?

SKIPPA / Blurry Picture
« on: July 15, 2016, 10:03:20 PM »
I have discovered that my Skippa is generating a blurred picture, or more to the point, a double image on the bottom half of the screen getting worse the closer it is to the bottom of the screen.

Note, I switched to a Toppy input and the picture was fine, it's the Skippa and not the monitor.
I was initially sending 1080I. I tried 1080P with no improvement. 720p was fractionally better but not really worth the picture quality loss.

I am hoping that some of the more knowledgeable may know something I can try.

I not afraid to replace the odd component, but if the board is all flow soldered it would be beyond my equipment and skills.

« on: June 09, 2016, 09:44:03 PM »
This afternoon I discovered that the Skippa no longer has an EPG.
The recognition of codes from the Remote is a bit flaky too.

Of course without the EPG there are no recordings

I can Ping the Skippa OK, so the network connection is OK.

I have restarted it a few times as well

Any other suggestions?

SKIPPA / Add Skip on 7FLIX
« on: June 09, 2016, 08:47:21 PM »
When 7FLIX first started I found Add Skip didn't work because it used MPEG4, it does now.

What changed?

Will Add Skip now work on the other MPEG4 channels?

SKIPPA / Skippa has stopped recording
« on: April 19, 2016, 11:21:29 PM »
My Skippa has stopped recording.
The timers seem to be coming in OK, but the recordings are not happening.
I have also tried just pressing record and nothing happens
I also tried recording from the EPG.  The R appears for about 30 seconds and then disappears.  No recording as well.
The appears to be plenty of space on the drive.
I have rebooted several times.

I'm out of ideas

SKIPPA / Unrecognised Channels -Workaround Needed
« on: April 19, 2016, 05:09:22 PM »
I often find that I am unable to select a channel from the EPG.
For example, if open the EPG and scroll to Gem (Channel 92) and I select (i.e. Press "OK") the program currently playing, I get the "Unavailable Channel" message.
I can punch "92" on the remote and get Gem without a problem. I just can't selected
I think the cause is clashes between detected channels.
When the channels are scanned (Brisbane Area) I get two set of channels. One set for Brisbane and another set for the Gold Coast. e.g. Channel 92 Gem at 191.67 MHz (Brisbane) and Channel 92 Gem at 648.50 MHz (Gold Coast)
In most cases the Gold Coast channels don't work, but they are there in the scan.
I suspect that when I select the program in the EPG it attempts to show the bad channel (hence the "Unavailable Channel" message)

I am looking for some sort of workaround to resolve the problem. I have tried the following to no avail
I have set all the Gold Coast channels to Block and Disable
I have set all the good channels as favourites

If I knew the correct frequencies I would clear the lot and scan only the Good channels.

Any ideas?

SKIPPA / What Happens with Skippa when all the Dust Settles
« on: October 29, 2015, 01:44:08 PM »
I thought I would put this one up to scope a way forward for all the Skippa users (enthusiasts?)

From what I see, those who own Skippas have, what could have been one of the best PVRs available but with the following drawbacks.
* no warranty
* virtually no Tech support
* no ongoing development
* totally dependant on the IceTV EPG subscription
* a little buggy

From what I understand the 1.1.10604 Firmware is the most recent and the final firmware that will be provided.

While all this looks fairly grim, the reality is the Skippa is still a pretty functional unit.
* Its well integrated with the IceTV EPG. I don't seem to be getting get failed timers now.
* Addskip works fairly reliably. There's a couple of things I'd like improved, but oh well!!!
* it gives us Catchup TV
* three tuners is handy
* I love the way the padding works i.e. a bit before and after is recorded even if there is a timer immediatly following.
I'm sure there are lots of other things we all like.

I intend to keep my Skippa as long as it continues to be reliable.

Be that as it may I have a number of questions:

Will we be able to continue with the Skippa forum here, or will it have to be moved?
  I have heard that It may have to be moved as the Skippa dosen't really have anything to do with the New IceTV company.

What is the best way to structure the forum?
  Its current structure is based on IceTV supporting the Skippa. Now that that will not happen, there may be a better way to organise it. e.g. There's no point having a Wish List section if no one is going to do any development.  The same goes for the Firmware section.
  I also note that no one is reporting bugs any longer. Is that because they aren't being found or have we all just given up?
  What bug workarounds have been found? It would be handy if all the workarounds could be found in one place, instread of hunting through hundreds of bug reports. Similarly a list of known bugs with the current firmware will be handy for the future.
What support does the New IceTV intend to provide?
  A couple of IceTV staff do seem to be looking at the Skippa posts at the moment and providing often valuable support. A thousand thanks by the way.
  Will this support continue or is it just that the support is being provided in there own time?
  What will happen in the future if some change in the EPG service causes problems with the Skippas?
  Is the New IceTV committed to ensuring that the EPG service will continue to work with the Skippas?
Are there people (i.e other forum members) capable of providing Technical Support?
I have seen that Warkus has been helping out a few people and has opened up at least one, but he can't be expected to provide technical support to all of us without compensation of some sort.

How many Skippas are out there anyway?
  Are there enough Skippas in use to make providing technical support as a business worthwhile?

Is there a way forward firmware wise?
  Are there Intellectual Property issues?
  Can a person with programming skills do work on it without being sued?
  Is there someone out there with the skills?
  Could someone do some work on it and sell an update without being sued?

Sometimes car enthusiasts can keep an obscure model running for years after you would expect all of them to be on a scrap heap somewhere.
Perhaps we Skippa enthusiasts can keep our units running for a reasonable time as well.

What are your thoughts?

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