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Humax / Humax 4Tune
« on: October 29, 2014, 07:29:41 PM »
I've had this PVR for about a month now & generally find it very good but oh boy does it do some frustrating things at times....I've tried to list a few in case others have experienced the same/similar thing....
1. Sometimes pressing record on a live show will not start recording. -Switching off seems to be the only fix.
2. The red record light around the front panel button stays red even when it's not recording. -This one takes a cold boot to clear.
3. The EPG is very slow navigating & each channel occupies too much space seriously limiting the amount of on screen info. Having had Topfields for years with TAPS I've been spoilt I know but hey come on guys do we really need all those pretty channel icons which take up so much space?
4. It takes way too long to boot up from cold but is very fast from standby.
5. and finally of course it needs to be ICE compatible!!!! (Which currently it's not btw)

Generally what it does it does extremely well ie I'm yet to have a channel timer clash & between my wife and I we do record heaps.

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