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IceTV EPG Content / Missing ALL EPG content for 7flix
« on: November 14, 2021, 02:25:29 PM »

Region: NSW - Wollongong or NSW - South Coast
PVR: Beyonwiz V2

My brother in Batemans Bay is having trouble getting ANY content for 7flix to show up on the EPG. He can change to the channel on the V2 and the program is showing, however there us absolutely no EPG information shown.

He has set everything up correctly after logging in to his IceTV account via the browser, and he has the IceTV plugin in the V2, but no luck. If he disables IceTV on the V2 then data does show up for 7flix, but then does not get the benefits of IceTV. Enabling IceTV on the V2 ends up with nothing for 7flix.

Manually fetching EPG and timers does not bring entries for 7flix.

Is IceTV providing information for 7flix for those regions?


Humax / Issues with Humax 7510T rebooting
« on: July 20, 2021, 10:13:26 AM »

My brother has a Humax 7510T (hope that's the right one) with two tuners and lately it has started locking up and/or rebooting.

He gets a message asking him to check his IceTV accounts settings only when he does that the unit reboots.

This can happen at any time.

Sounds like the issue that affected the Beyonwiz units a while back where this would happen like clockwork every 20 minutes or so.

It that case, the issue was revealed by looking at the log file, however I do not know the setup with the Humax and where the log file is or where the log file is located or if there is a log file at all.

As with the Beyonwiz issue, the spinner comes up and if sufficient time lapses the unit reboots. With the spinner up, the remote control is completely unresponsive. He has a Harmony remote and has tried it with both the original and the Harmony.

Any ideas as to what this might be?


Beyonwiz / Strange error on a Beyonwiz T2
« on: January 24, 2021, 07:00:44 PM »

Over the past week I have had the attached error come up on my T2.

When this happens, the system is essentially locked for 20 to 30 minutes. There is no response from the remote control or the front panel switches.

The currently playing event will continue, however recordings have to be deleted as there is a pause every few seconds.

Any thoughts?



How do I disable IceTV Smart Recording?

I have a Beyonwiz T2, and I have set a whole lot of timers in my T2. Unfortunately, IceTV kicks in with "Smart Recording" and decides to duplicate everything. As a result I end up with every recording duplicated.

I want the ability to manually set a recording, but what I do not want is IceTV to read my timer list on the T2 and then decide to use these settings to create a parallel set of timer recordings of its own and send those to the T2, thereby duplicating everything.

At the moment, it would appear the only way to do this is to abandon using IceTV altogether and just using the Freeview EPG. I do like the IceTV EPG, just that it appears to be quite incompatible with the T2.

Beyonwiz / Error with EPG - What does it mean?
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:47:01 PM »

I keep getting a strange error message that then sees weird things happening with the EPG on my DP-P2.

The error message gets truncated, but here is as much as can be shown.

"Error: Updating task data: Duplicate entry 62805-38-2015-11-08 01:40:00-30 for key 'pimp_task_id..."

Now, I've gone to the scheduled task for 1:40 am on 08-11-2015, deleted them and then re-selected them so that there is no overlap, but no luck. The same error message will pop up.

Any ideas?


I am currently interstate for around 4 weeks and I wanted to be able to control recordings via IceTV. Some channels have taken to changing the time of recordings to thwart PVR's.

Before I left, I made the mistake of setting the unit on standby. As a result, the BW will only wake up when a scheduled recording is to start.

Is there any way that the BW can be controlled via IceTV so stay on so that changes made via IceTV can happen as the information is exchanged?


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