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Ever since the start of ABCNews24 I have not been able to get guide content for ABC1 or ABCNews24. Prior to that things had been fine. I am located in Orange and have had the region set to Wollongong but changing this does not help. Any ideas anyone?

Beyonwiz / Set-up for Orange - NSW: DP2
« on: February 11, 2010, 02:25:56 PM »
I have just bought a DP and am struggleing to get the best set up for Orange.

Currently I have set my Region for Wollongong, with the 7TWO LCN set for 62, Prime Southern HD LCN set for 60 (all others are set to "All").

The guides all show up on my DP2 and I seem to be able to use Interactive to record on most channels EXCEPT 7TWO and Prime HD.

Does anyone (blip?) have any suggestions?

My latest viewing of interactive shows the Prime Southern HD recordings being OK - it's now just the 7TWO ones that are failing to be set.

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