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SKIPPA / Skippa rebooting itself
« on: November 25, 2015, 05:50:30 PM »
My Skippa has been rebooting itself every hour or so for a few weeks.

I suspected the inadequate heat sinking so I installed a fan. No improvement.

I then measured voltages. The supplied brick supplies 12.39 volts with no load. I reduced this to 11.4 volts by using an external bensh supply. No improvement.

I then went to 10.4 volts and have not had a reboot since.

My long term solution is to put some dioides in series with the supply to drop 2 volts or to get a different adjustable supply.

Incidently, the Skippa draws between 14 and 15 watts when operating normally. Switching to standby makes no appreciable difference to the power consumption. It seems that it just turns off the video feed and changes the front panel display.

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