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Topfield / Topfield 2400 Quad Recording (May 2010 firmware)
« on: November 03, 2010, 09:48:30 AM »
The last FW update had some pretty awesome features.  Pre-padding & quad recording are the one's I had been waiting for.

Lately I've noticed on a few occasions that my 2400 has been recording 3-4 channels simultaneously, but across 3 completely different networks?!  I understand the network multi-channel broadcasts (eg 7 / 7 mate or 9 / GEM). As an example, last night I was somehow recording at 7:30pm: Ch9 / Ch10 / Bris 31 all at once. 

I noticed than when I attempted chase play on Top Gear (Ch 9) it said I would have to first stop recording on Ch 10 or Bris 31.  At that stage I thought it might have been a corrupted recording, but sure enough I checked after the recording had finished and it worked beautifully.  I could have sworn I also noticed Ch 7 / Ch 9 AND Ch 10 recoding simultaneously in recent times also.

Not sure how this works given there are only two tuners??  Not that I'm complaining mind you :)  Just not sure how the ICE guide would cope with trying to schedule more than 2 recodings in the same time slot.

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