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Beyonwiz / wiz lost go and win
« on: April 06, 2010, 08:17:15 PM »
Hi all
This is probably a wiz problem rather than an ice one- but I never got activation back from the wiz forum so thought I'd ask here...
On Sunday I started the wiz dpp2 to change the time for daylight savings. There had been a blackout during the night- don't know if that's relevant. All was fine until I noticed that both GO and Win were showing as blank and "no signal". I rescanned channels but neither of these appeared. I did the whole reset to factory settings, turned it off at the wall, went through set up again, scanned channels- still no Go or Win- everything else works fine. Win is veiwable on my TV with the wiz off- (but not go as it is digital and the TV isn't)- which makes me think it isn't the aerial. I have rescanned channels a number of times but no luck- most of my viewing is on Go  :-[. I live in the Orange area, NSW. Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas?
Thank you for your time.

Beyonwiz / Clock Ok- recordings an hour late.
« on: September 19, 2009, 05:24:50 PM »
Hi again- new problem.
Time on wiz is set manually and is correct, the programs in the guide are showing at the correct time and match what is being shown on the channels live however my first recordings are incorrect and appear to have started well after the program starts- about an hour. This happened for two recordings on two different channels separated by some hours. The names of the recordings match the chosen programs but the contents don't. I have 15 mins pre and post padding, which matches the length of the recordings. I checked the regional TV guide against the TV guide for the location the wiz is set for and the EPG- all give the same times that I set the recordings for via interactive.
What have I missed/ done wrong?

Beyonwiz / Have read forums- EPG still missing info.
« on: September 18, 2009, 06:27:52 PM »
Hi, I have read and implemented what I have found on these and other forums but am still missing epg info which is driving me cracked- help would be most appreciated. note that I am in regional NSW (Cowra- Orange/ Dubbo regional stations) and have chosen Sydney as my region in account (no regional NSW- FAQ said to do this). I bought my beyonwiz DP_P2 yesterday and have been fiddling with it ever since:

What the problem is: Epg is not showing info for a number of channels and recordings sent to BW via ice interactive for these channels are failing. Just to be clear here are all the current channels I have and how they are showing up-
2    ABC      No prob
3    SBS 1   No prob
8    Win TV Central Tablelands *No Info*
20  ABC HD No prob
22  ABC 2  No prob
30  SBS HD  No prob
50  ONE HD Orange  No prob
55  SC 10   *No Info*
60  Prime HD  *No Info*
61  Prime    *1Prog displayed*
80 Win TV HD  No Prob
88 GO   *No Info*

This is the best result I've been able to get. This is what I have done so far:
Updated firmaware
Cleared Ice TV cache more than once
Checked the copy SD to HD box in account
Deleted all channels
Unplugged from wall
Reset to factory setting
Rescanned channels
Deleted anything that might be a duplicate channel
enabled Ice TV again...waited for it to update

The problem appears to be the regional channels. I'm wondering if that is to do with the LCN in the account tag- which are all set to "ALL" but when I look at the options in the drop down boxes none of them match the numbers the BW has given channels, and also do not offer what regional LCN's I've gleaned from the forums (eg 88 instead of 99 for GO! etc).
Also wondered if the GO! problem was the one solved by tonymy01 but it's not my only problem so haven't tried his solution. Also with that solution I am unsure how to do partial scan because the options are listed as channels and I'm also not sure if the frequency given applies to regional areas.
Sorry for the essay but I wanted to avoid duplication of what I've already done/ read for everyone involved. Any ideas?

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