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General Discussions / Ashes in HD in Newcastle?
« on: November 25, 2010, 06:25:50 PM »
Anyone know how I can get the Ashes in HD in Newcastle? NBN (ch8) is SD and the normal ch80 HD equiv is called GEM and just has rubbish on it.


Hi all

I have updated the FW on my BW P1 today and initiated a bunch (approx 20) tasks on IceTV Interactive ...II. Some of the tasks have been sent to my BW and some have not, for instance a series-record task for Insiders and Offsiders tomorrow is still not on my BW even though I enetered the tasks on II over four hours ago. The icons are showing as 'queued series' ie they have the black dot in the series-record icon. Other tasks, series and single, have made it through to the BW but nothing I've entered most recently.

The BW says it is 'getting shedule tasks: OK'. To me it seems the BW is talking to the II server but the II server has nothing new to tell the BW. Any thoughts?
Edit: I just set a brand new series task (the Giro i'talia on SBS), and it worked fine on both the II website AND it was on my BW within the hour, weird... is it something to do with timers named the same as old but now-deleted BW timers perhaps?


General Discussions / IceTV EPG work with WinFast DTV2000H?
« on: May 28, 2006, 05:15:03 PM »

I'm really new to the DVB-T world, I have just bought the LeadTek WinFast DTV2000H TV card and really really want to be able to use IceTV guide with it. Before I sign up for the the trial of IceTV, I'd like to know from the getgo whether I should be expecting the DTV2000H card to interface (or however it works) with the Ice TV EPG, anyone know?

If so, are there any tips to aid in setup or use?

If Not, is there a way I can use some other software to use Ice TV EPG, I really don't want to buy another card.

Hopefully I'll be using Ice EPG to capture Tour DeFrance and World cup soon.  8)


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