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As an easy way if making sure I was only recording one episode of a given show I would choose the recorder and then a word search for the show  - e.g. "M*A*S*H"

It would then show all the MASH for the coming seven days and I could easily make sure I was getting the one new one each day - sometimes my settings were thrown out if the same ep was shown at 6pm and then 2am - I'd miss the 6pm showing of the dsy where ist ep was considered 2am.

Now what seems to be happening is each time I change a setting on a given shoe the guide is resetting to defualt and I have to do the search again - quite time consuming and annoying

Also Just noticed a tendency to flick back to guide after making a change in 'my week'

BTW - with your new recording settings there should be an option "one off recording" rather than work your way through the record menu.



Hi all,
Using a Toppy TF7100HDPVRt (not sure if it's related to this in particular).

Anyway, I'm sure in the past if I manually added a recording using my toppy it would later show on the ICE TV schedule as being recorded (the red circle). For example, I set The Shield and Sopranos to record tonight and neither apppears as being set to be recorded from the ICE TV site. Am I imagining something that never used to happen or is it something that has stopped working?



General Discussions / Ice Tv Website
« on: August 05, 2009, 08:42:50 PM »
Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with the ICE TV website lately? Occasionally it seems to just freeze for 60-90 seconds when I’m browsing the TV guide or trying to look at me upcoming recorded shows, etc.

Optus claim there’s nothing wrong with my connection (cable) and to be honest I don’t seem to be having problems with any other sites, applications, etc.

I’m using W7 Beta with ie8 though get the same if I log in using use Vista with ie7.

Is it just me?? ???



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