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I have had this problem for a few weeks now.  An older version of the icetv widget one day updated to an improper display.  The external 'window' skin disappeared, and the display font changed and spread out.  Without a light background, the black text was unreadable, but the info was still downloading and the shows were correct.  However, without a background window on the widget and the text layout changing, the widget was unusable.

I downloaded the newest version of the icetv widget and reinstalled, it is still displaying incorrectly.  I have pasted a screenshot at  Note that the OK button is floating in nothing, and the 'I'nfo button is nonexistent.

Unfortunately I do not have the previous version screen shot to show the text formatting all wacky.

PPC G4 powerbook
OSX 10.5
IceTV Widget version 2.2

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