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IceTV EPG Content / 9Now?
« on: February 13, 2020, 08:31:38 PM »
On the basis that thereís no such thing as a dumb question, where is 9Now?  I was watching something on 9HD and they referred to 9now.  Itís not an option for Perth icetv guide. I went looking for it and it looks like itís just an app rather than a channel?  Is this the way of the future?  If someone could enlighten me in simple language, I would be most appreciative.
Gracias, como siempre, Charlotte.

Bwiz T4.  Perth
I was having a major problem. A couple of days ago if I clicked on channels or favourites the screen would freeze. The whatsit would just go around and around. Totally unresponsive. Only thing I could do was to turn off the bwiz at the back. Channels were not saying same as recorded. Your money instead of 9GEMHD.  I kept missing the tennis because  icetv was saying it was a rerun so I changed to first runs and repeats and that fixed that. Took me 24 hours+ to check for update. Downloaded, tidied up channels.  All happy.

Didnít realise but this morning I missed the channel 9 tennis because IceTV has reverted to believing itís a rerun. Putting in first run and repeats doesnít work.  Have to actually put it in manually from the app.
Channels are stuffed again. If I click on channels, favourites, it freezes.
9GEMHD shows as that in my app, favourites and the EPG. But in the timer it shows as Your Money?  Same fault as before.  Also I canít click on Ďadd timerí for 9gemhd in the epg to record in the normal way. And even when itís recording, it doesnít show that itís recording in the epg.

Confusion between your money and 9gem HD
Canít record 9hd tennis from app except each individual instance.
9life is on app but no program info in epg. Was ok before.
No access to channels, favourites. Just freezes
Maybe other stuff that I havenít found.
Ps. Just found that tennis on 9GO has same problem. I have to record each episode separately. Neither first runs only nor first runs and repeats works.

Update Saturday morning.
9life programs have reappeared.
Still mismatches between app guide and EPG. Your money and gemHD.
Another icetv app update would be good.

Beyonwiz / Not connecting wirelessly so no epg or timer list
« on: July 29, 2019, 04:04:12 PM »
I have a t4.
I lost my internet for over a week. Didnít know because was o/s.  I was then able to connect for a short while, then lost it again.
I set up mobile broadband and Iíve now got wifi internet again for my iPad but not for icetv - no epg or timers. When I try to fetch epg and update timers it says icetv update completed with errors. I canít log in to server. as it says Iíve had too many tries and/or there was an error. Max retries exceeded.
The log goes on about cannot retrieve channel map.....caused Max tries exceeded, caused by class socket.gaierror...errno name or service not known.
I think this is all because I still have no access to internet for Beyonwiz. I think itís a validation issue. Iinet has told me to do this and that, but still no internet.  Also their instructions arenít always consistent.
Iíve tried the reboot but no success. Any help would be most appreciated. In the meantime I would appreciate tips on how to record when you have no epg.

General Discussions / Icetv has stopped scheduling shows
« on: March 16, 2018, 10:30:38 PM »
I've just noticed that icetv is no longer scheduling my shows. Most finish in next day or two and after that - nothing. I have tried resending data from app and also online, but no luck. My wifi is working fine and the blue dongle is flashing as it should be.

App says: account expiry date Tuesday 27 Feb 2018? But it's automatically debited each month. Also last update Friday 16 March 2018 and last epg program ends Thursday 22 March. But the epg program on the T4s is missing a number of shows.  Anything I added today is missing, but the problem is more than just today.

I have two T4s and both have the same problem.

Beyonwiz / Where are the names of my shows?
« on: December 18, 2009, 09:05:32 PM »
My shows are showing as the name of the channel, not as the name of the show eg *GO, not the program name.  Have had the Wiz for years but first time I've had this problem.  Names will come up if I record using my iPhone, but not my puter.  Am I holding my mouth the wrong way?

Beyonwiz / What happened to resend
« on: January 28, 2009, 09:32:44 PM »
Some of you will have read my dramas recently, which have largely been resolved and now I have my EPG back.  However even though I have resent all my information from my page on the internet, it isn't going to the Wiz.  If I individually cancel, then resend, then it works, eg the tennis.  However if I do a general "resend" nothing happens.  Consequently I've lost everything planned through IceTV program guide on the net.

Any ideas?

Beyonwiz / EPG idle
« on: January 24, 2009, 07:53:28 PM »
I've been trying to network my Beyoniz with my pc.  May be just a coincidence, but now I have no data in my EPG and it's shown as "idle" on the Beyonwiz setup page.

How can I get from idle to active or has there been a programming problem?  I'm in Perth.

Have just found a simple way to format my external HD to FAT32 so I can use it with the Beyonwiz, so at least that's a win!

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