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General Discussions / Beyonwiz T3 IceTV Subscription
« on: September 19, 2014, 10:46:42 AM »
With the just released availability to use IceTV on the T3,

will existing owners be eligible for the 3 month subscription offered to new buyers?


Topfield / Puppy Bug
« on: December 11, 2006, 10:21:00 AM »
Todays guide data is missing.
Have deleted data from Toppy and did manual d/l with no joy!

From syslog

Dec 11 09:06:41 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:          retrieveEPG: Retrieving Data( --header 'User-Agent: ICEBOX2-200608301537'
Dec 11 09:06:45 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061211_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:45 (none) kern.warn /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: PUPPY BUG FOUND!! padding file(/tmp/ice/20061211_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE)
Dec 11 09:06:46 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061212_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:47 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061213_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:48 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061214_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:48 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061215_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:49 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061216_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:50 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061217_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:51 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061218_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:52 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: map.ini
Dec 11 09:06:52 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:

Can't find any reference to PUPPY BUG here or Toppy Forum.
Toppy support guy is off work sick.

Anyone help?

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