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Widget for Mac OSX Dashboard / Domains resolved for authenticated proxies
« on: February 14, 2006, 02:33:43 PM »
We've moved to an authenticated proxy on our network meaning that users can't surf the internet without using some kind of login, either through their browser or via a little Java app that they run manually at bootup.

There is a feature that allows me to enter a list of domains that "bypass" the proxy, for features that might need an internet connection in the background and authentication isn't as critical (like Windows Update, network time, etc).

I'd like to add the domain name(s) or IP's IceTV draws its program listing from so that users who tend to bring up their widgets even before they think of opening up a web browser in the morning don't get an error. I'm also assuming that the data IceTV asks for is over port 80.

What domain(s) or IP's do IceTV resolve so I can add it to the exception list on our filter? Thanks.

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