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I've noticed that the iPhone app does not indicate the  HD status of a particular programme.  For instance on the IceTV website, Survivor on NineHD on Tuesday the 8th of December shows as being broadcast in HD (ie it shows "Tue, 8 Dec 2009, 60 minutes, PG, Real Life, Game Show, WS, HD, CC") whereas the iPhone app does not show HD or WS.  Can this info be included?


Today I opened the IceTV app on my iphone, clicked the search bar and typed in "Lost", then clicked search.  From the results list I scrolled down to Lost "The Lie" and clicked it.  Instead of the description for that episode, I got a description for "Unearthing the lost kingdom of Aratta".  What gives?

If find the Lost episode from the tv guide (ie not via search) it shows the correct description.

Is this a known bug?  It seems to happen on other search terms too, not just Lost.

IceTV EPG Content / Can I trust the HD flag?
« on: October 20, 2008, 10:09:32 AM »
Just wondering...when a movie is shown on both the SD and HD channels, does the absence of the HD flag on the HD channel definitely mean it is not shown in HD?

For instance, United 93 is being aired on Oct 24 on Ch.10, on both the SD and HD channels.  The HD listing does not have HD flag.  If that is actually the case then I would rather record the SD programme and save on disc space, but I don't want to risk missing out on a HD broadcast if it's just the flag that is wrong.

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