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General Discussions / Can't view my own thread?
« on: March 26, 2017, 11:04:43 PM »
I posted this thread

and when i try to view it all i get is a profile view of a user called vincent;area=summary

no matter what i try, i can't view my own post that i linked above. Wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that tomorrow i can't view this thread either

i'm using the version 52 of firefox and it warns me that the log on for this forum isn't secure so i'm hoping this is wrong and it is secure!

My old P2 has had a HDD fit and now it shows as only half full and only 9 recordings. It should be about to 7/8ths full

It has a 1tb drive in it that Mark, Warkus, put in a few years ago. At the time he also did all the repairs needed to make it last as lng as possible

I'm wondering if anyone repairs these now. What I'd like is to have the HDD examined to see if the remaining data on it holds my music video collection (at the very least more would be lovely but I'll take whatever comes) and if that data could be copied across to a new HDD preformatted that I can just slot back into my old P2

I don't think Mark is repairing these now as sometime back he announced that he had health issues and so was giving up the repairing business.

So it'll need to be sent to someone else I guess

Last option would be I guess updating to a new wiz of some description so I'm wondering what Wiz, or perhaps not a Wiz maybe another Toppy? Used to have an old 5000pvrt years ago, that was a good unit

Curious as to what the time interval is between the Icetv server sending out info to my Beyonwiz PVRs.

If I go into settings on one of them and use the "check user info", after the initial check, it always says wait 15 mins to get EPG data so is fresh data always sent out every 15mins during normal operation?

For some odd reason the voice has programmed itself in for an episode only recording on the 14th this month on my beyonwiz P2. I haven't programmed it and the voice isn't on my list of TV shows currently (nor in search or favorites)- it was last year, but this year I deleted it from my list.

The single entry doesn't give me an option to delete the episode and the only way I can delete it is to add it as a series recording and then I have the option to delete it. The only problem us that shortly afterwards I find its programmed itself back in again as an episode recording. It's not really a big deal if it does only record one episode as long as it doesn't keep entering itself in to record my episodes (at present it isn't, but who knows what'll happen next time it on).

Anyone have any idea what's going on in this instance?

To clarify what's going on - in the 'my week' view the voice has a single red dot against it, when I click on the show I get the option to record it either as a series or an episode as is normal. What I'm curious about is why does it have the episode 'red dot' next to the name whip usually indicates that an episode is scheduled to be recorded when in fact it isn't

This is happening in the apple ap, the android ap and the icetv website page

Noticed that some of my recordings on my apps (i use both android and apple apps) weren't appearing in the timers list on my P2. So i cleared all timers and requested that timers get resent. I checked the details in my P2 re the Icetv settings and checked the ID was valid. It told me to wait 10mins to get the info etc. After the time was up, i ended up with a message box saying

"Bad Icelink message received from server
Try to get scheduler tasks.
Get scheduler tasks OK

Checking back to the timers and only 1, the 1st one, appears out of the 8 i have for this week. I use the update button on my programs in the app thinking this will push the programs and the timers will appear in the P2 - but they don't

so i turn it off and pull the plug of the wall - wait for a bit and plug back in and turn on P2. This time the Bad Icelink message doesn't appear and the message box says

Get scheduler tasks. OK.

so i check the timers and still only the same 1st timer appears in the list. This time i delete the P2 from my devices, then re add it and reprogam the shows i want for the week

Fingers crossed that this works - time for bed as i'm just home from nightshift. Hoping that when i check later on today that everythings back to normal  :-\

before i get going I check my P1 and all timers are OK on the device and checking the Ice config reports all OK - thankful that somethings working properly at least

If you check the web guide, and you have more than one device, you have to toggle each device to see what's going to be recorded that day. Same goes if you check My Week, you have to toggle seach device to see which one has what on it.

However, in the AP, it shows you what you have programmed without having to toggle between devices to see what's programmed in that day. Same in My Week, it shows both devices.

Would it be possible to have the web guide display like this as well? ie, without having to toggle between devices

Perhaps, it could also have a small icon or text saying which device a show is going to be recorded on near the other icons like series recording or favorites. On the web guide there's a lot more room to have an icon or text to indicate which device is going to record that show. Alternatively, which device it's going to be recorded on could perhaps be displayed in the pop up box that appears when you hover your mouse over that show title. Last resort is to have to click on that show to see which device is going to record that show

My suggestion is to make it simpler to see what's going to be recorded that day on all your devices on the one display without the need to toggle views to see each device

IceTV EPG Content / Serangoon Road Episode number error?
« on: September 26, 2013, 10:52:39 PM »
Checking both the TV guide (all forms, inc the website, the iOS ap and the android ap) and my Wiz shows that the first episode of this new show starting on the ABC on sunday night is called Series 1 episode 2 - as far as I'm aware this is the 1st episode and so should show episode 1

Can this be corrected?

Thanks, Dave

Set a series recording of Real Humans on SBS on saturdays. Looking at the TV guide prior to the recording happening the show has a yellow warning that it failed to record. If i go into timers on the P2 the entry is there and it does record. I get a failed to record email telling me it didn't record too

This has happened with another show too, Russell Brand Brand X

I cancelled the series recording (for each) and then re-entered then but still got the same warning but the show did record anyway. Haven't seen anything like this with other shows, just these 2.

I'll see what happens shortly before the next episodes when the timers gets sent to the P2

For eg, i enter underbelly and an show that gets programmed is Movie: Eloise (2009) because in the synopsis the word underbelly appears.

Things like this happen frequently, it would be nice to know how to prevent it

Thanks :)

Beyonwiz / Possible to 'send' timers to P2?
« on: August 06, 2011, 12:19:39 PM »
Wondering if it there is a way of sending an timer update i might choose from the web ice guide to my P2 so that if i make a new timer event, or all timer events, it can be sent to my P2 straight away?

I've had some issues with the new region of WA regional being created for WA and was instructed by Ice support to do this as part of the fix process to get everything working as it did when i was using the "Perth" region.

I've had a look around the 'my account' web pages and my P2 but can't see where something like this might be. Any help appreciated :)

IceTV EPG Content / GWN7 EPG not appearing in the widget?
« on: February 24, 2011, 08:57:11 PM »
Well, not here anyways for some reason?

Yahoo! Widget / Widget GWN channel name missing
« on: September 03, 2008, 11:46:38 AM »
Hi guys, recently noticed that GWN is now included in the channels in the widget - this is great news, now there's only WIN to go and all the stations in my area (South West region WA)will provided for. Then to make everything complete all we need if for both GWN and WIN to start broadcasting in digital format. At present by all accounts this will be November this year, see this thread in the DTV forums
Then life will be complete and I can go to being a paid subscriber for my full EPG :)
There's just one small detail in the GWN section of the widget, the station letters GWN are missing from the station list of names.

Please see the attached pic that shows what I mean. GWN is the last station on the list.

Cheers, Dave

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