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please tell my why ,no don't bother, just tell me how to fix this. I have mulitple abc1 transmitters available eyetv/icetv mis doesn't seem to be able to deal with this.
So if I have mulitple abc1 transmitters available and they all seem of good quality I can either using the eyetv channel pane , choose one and disable others, OR have duplicates of the same station availabe to eyetv . I have tried disabling one then another of the duplicates or leaving both on.
When using icetv in conjunction with this I get the (unavailable) message when clearly it is available. Furthermore when I schedule a program using icetv remote and it DOES NOT appear in the eyetv guide (but may? appear in the schedule as "abc1 unavailable" )and if i then schedule it manually using the eyetv program guide quite often a warning pops up saying there is a duplicate or clash and telling me the program is already scheduled despite the fact that i can't see it as such in the program guide . What i think is happening here is icetv is setting up a schedule for me in eyetv program guide but it is invisible .
However if I just leave it i.e don't try to manually record a program when it is not appearing in the eyetv program guide (despite the fact that it has been scheduled in icetv as a series or individual recording) , it may or may not be recorded by the invisible schedule set by icetv .
this gets to the root of the problem with icetv and eyetv interact which IMO makes the icetv thing very buggy. you are in a situation where you don't know what to do  you can either , try to manually fix use eyetv in which case you get duplicate recordings (which mean you can't record another program using diversity in affect making useless the dual recording capability which is well worth having) OR hope that icetv scheduling will work (which in this situation it sometimes doesn't ) , all the time risking missing shows that you probably don't want to miss .

I have been battling this problem for months and it really drives me nuts . sometimes the delete prefs script will fix but it creeps back in for no apparent reason or you can be in the situation i am in now where i just used the script and the way thing works sucks more or less within a week .

btw i just did a full delete prefs using the eyetv script supplied in link elsewhere , that was less than a week ago .

I really think icetv would do well to ditch development of support for iphone and widget and just get their basic interaction with eyetv working flawlessly . Afterall isn't that what the service is about guaranteed scheduling and recording of programs via eyetv interface . If that isn't working rock solid what is the point of the thing .

btw I am posting here because i have found email support to icetv be totally erratic.

for a while I was getting duplicate shows recorded from prompted recordings . Now I only use eyetv and not pimp.
What would happen was I was using PIMP but several shows didn't get recorded so I became paranoid and started using eyetv to double check that a show would be recorded .
Seemed like sometimes i would get the same show recorded twice other times it would only be recorded singly despite icetv and eyetv being instructed to record .
By duplicate i mean the same show being recorded on two separate recordings simultaneously . I am using using elegato diversity .
I didn't really care if a show was recorded in duplicate except that it mean that a spare eyetv receiver was used up if i had wanted to record another show on another channel simultaneously .

An answer to this question might also be of use to persons who are away from home and can't remember whether they requested a recording using eyetv or not . If they use pimp and they did request with eyetv will they end up with a duplicate .
thanks for any response .

EyeTV / abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: May 18, 2008, 10:06:26 PM »
using eyetv 2.5.2
for quite a while now abc 1 only appears about 24 hours ahead in the eyetv guide. Since I have found that using pimp to prompt recordings will not always work , i generally use the eyetv guide to prompt a programme to  record using eyetv rather than pimp.
However if abc 1 is only there for one day ahead in effect .  i can only schedule programmes to be recording 24 hours in advance using eyetv. Since abc 1 is my favourite channel this is quite frustrating .
ABC1 used to update as per the other channels but not any more for several months now .
Other channels appear ok with up to a week ahead showing in the guide . I have tried using the update DVB and the ICETV in eyetv to prompt but no luck .
Is this a bug or something I am doing wrong .
I have emailed iceTV  support about this but received no reply .

I have posted emails to support and received varying results  . I have also requested support via the web based form and received no reply  . sometimes (well once to my first request )  I have received good series of responses without prompting unfortunately they didn't solve the issue i was having , but at least an serious attempt was made to do so. Another time i received a repsonse with an apology for the long time in doing so . Another time I received a response after getting no response waiting an extended period and sending an negative email about such . Other times I have received none at all .
I would like too know why one doesn't even receive an auto reply to support requests , which at least acknowledges the request was received . And why at times one doesn't receive any real reply to support requests ?
IceTV support is unreliable if you ask me.
$99 per year is a lot to ask for a subscription service that doesn't have a formalized and organized support team . and I think subscribers deserve a more organized support for their fees paid  . If only directing to a FAQ when appropriate as a start.
I mean what is support without any ?

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