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Smart Recording website and General questions / Timers one hour out
« on: October 01, 2008, 11:08:56 AM »
Yesterday on interactive i noticed some strange timers that i had not ever set.

They seem to be one hour early than series recording on the same channel.

eg. House wed 8.30 ten sd (this is a known series recording)
     Bondi rescue wed 7.30 ten sd (never set this to record)
     Kenny's World wed 8.00 ten sd (never set this to record)
House timer shows no icon, but bondi and kenny's world  show the once off record icon.

Today i set topgear Aust to record , refresh screen  topgear  aust has no icon but two shows
one hour later on sbs have record once icons next to them.

eg. topgear aust mon 7.30 sbs (no icon, this was set to record)
     South park    mon 8.30 sbs (record once icon, i never set to record)
     Bogan pride   mon 9.00 sbs (record once icon, i never set to record )

when you have a series timer set, does it send a timer when the first shows
up in the guide or does it wait until the day of the recording then send it?

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