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I wondering if anyone from Ice can confirm how Interactive should manage timers where a change in scheduling affects a timer?
On my Beyonwiz DP-P1, I had a timer created from a series recording. It appears the schedule changed and the episode was pulled, however the timer remained and the replacement show was recorded.

Will Interactive adjust when shows are pulled, start times change etc, or once the timer has been sent to the device, is that it?



I'm wondering if someone from Ice or anyone else has an update regarding the issues that Interactive is having in some situations with failing to create timers for series?

I have had multiple instances where I have series recordings showing in My Shows, but timers are not being scheduled or showing in My Upcoming Shows (I have logged a call). In one example, I have tried deleting the series and recreating, but the timers just won't schedule in Ice. If I change the Series options to First Runs and Repeats it picks up all the repeats but not the first runs. If I open the details for the show that should be scheduled in TV Guide, it says "This show is part of a series recording" but there is no red icon to show it has be scheduled, queued, etc.

As far as I can tell this issue happens on the Ice server, not on the PVR (in my case a BWiz DP-P1).

I have had other strange behaviour from Interactive, such as a timer that keeps getting created in the past! I delete it, but it keeps coming back even though the scheduled time has long gone.

I'm a big fan of what Interactive can offer, but it needs to be more reliable than I am at setting timers!

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