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Humax / Fix for Humax Display
« on: August 27, 2012, 08:20:38 AM »
The only thing I didn't like about my Humax was the barely legible front panel display. Over the weekend I removed the orange filter that is glued to the front of the VFD module. I now have a clear display, even in standby. Not only that but the green display colour compliments the 'blue circle'.

Only moderate difficulty level and took about 20 minutes. Would recommend if you are unhappy with your display.


Humax / Time Reference
« on: July 25, 2012, 04:00:37 PM »
Hello all.

Last night we had a power failure at home and when I got up the time on the Humax was about 2 hours out. It was in Standby so I powered it on and the time corrected. I'm guessing that if a program was scheduled it would not come out of Standby at the correct time? This seems a bit strange. Does it not update time in Standby? Where does the time reference come from?

Speaking of time, the front display is barely legible, especially in Standby. I read somewhere that an orange filter on the display can be removed. Has anybody done this?

Only other curiousity I've come across in one week of ownership is that USB drives are 'remembered', so even if the same one is unplugged and reconnected it shows up as two USB drives. Also shows USB's that are not even connected anymore. Only way I've found to clear the list is to fully power off.


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