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Humax / HDR-7500T overheating
« on: March 10, 2017, 12:23:29 PM »
My 7500T is several years old, and until now there have been no significant problems. However on several occasions recently my Sony Bravia TV has displayed the following error message:
"The program cannot be viewed via HDMI connection because your TV does not support digital content protection. Disconnect the HDMI cable and replace with SCART or composite cable..."
This means that I cannot view recorded programs or use the recorder's tuner. However programs will still record via the EPG when in standby mode.
I found that the Humax gets quite warm (not hot) when in replay mode, ie the blue light is on. If I turn off the power and allow it to cool down and then restart, everything is OK until it warms up again after 10 mins or so. The recorder is in a well ventilated enclosure, and the cooling fan is functioning. The HDD is about half full.
As a temporary measure I will try removing the recorder's outer casing to see whether that overcomes the problem, but in the meantime I am wondering whether this is a known issue with the 7500T and whether anyone has found a solution. Any suggestions will be welcome.

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