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Trying to record this program, I set it up and then hit record, it then says it is setup to record, but it never gets the Record icon against the program and does not appear in my DVR schedule??  This is running on a Synology NAS , tried to do this from my Mac and a iPad, same results.  Anybody else have this issue with this program?   This is scheduled for 7:30PM  27th June. No other issues with any other programs when I try to record, just this movie.

Plex / Re: Full IceTV Subscription vs Plex Subscription
« on: July 07, 2019, 10:37:22 AM »
But now as of July 1 2019 we have lost the Plex EPG DVR for Australia !  so subscribed and spent my $2.90 per month for ICETV XMLTV to use with my Plex on my Synology server (with HDHomerun as my tuner)  BUT like many , I cannot get this to work!!  I add in the ICETV  XMLTV url and add the name IceTV Guide and then  when I hit continue to just spins for ver and never completes!  heaps of people reporting this same issue? is this an issue with Plex or the IceTV XMLTV ?? or both?

Just to add to these Australian issues with Plex and ICETV..
I am running Plex app on Synology NAS, with HDHomerun  Quatra tuner. Lost the EPG I had all set up the 1st July (due to Plex changes!!) 
I paid my $2.99 for iCETV XMLTV, but when I go through the install I get same results as previous writer, where after you add in the URL to the ICETV XMLTV feed and hit continue it just keeps spinning and never gets anywhere!
Hoping there is a fix for this ??
thank you

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