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I wanted to share some insight to others having this issue...

...a colleague at my work has the same NAS and has been running the latest version of Plex server (v1.6.1.1291) on the NAS (Asustor AS6404T, ADM v3.3.2 RJ12).

Two days ago he purchased the HDHomeRun DUO (mine is the Quattro, but otherwise our setup is identical).

He was able to successfully setup the DVR with an XML feed.

The above tells me that the issue is, as someone else posted, related to users who had a DVR setup PRIOR TO upgrading Plex to one of the recent 1.6.x versions.

Is it correct to presume that Plex will be providing a fix, rather than expecting that all affected users will find a way to safely downgrade Plex, delete the old DVR, and then upgrade Plex (without losing meta-data or breaking iTunes plug-in or losing iTunes playlists)?

My previous post was from the "Debug Logs" at:!/settings/web/debug

I could send you "Plex Media Server" from Troubleshooting/Download Logs" at!/settings/server/53c6b51e48b925ffbb609c193759ccbbba74ae66/manage/help

... but the IceTV Forum forbids greater than 300KB total size, and the above .zip file is 5.6MB.

... please advise how I could send you the 5.6MB .zip file.

For both MMF27 and iceplex, can you also try using the web app hosted at If you could also attempt to add the DVR using that, and then provide some logs from PMS immediately after, that would be great!

Please see attached "After_DVR_Setup.txt" log from 5 minutes into step 10 (I hit cancel as the behaviour was identical to the previous failed DVR setups - see my previous posts)

I was using the web app.

It may only be Thursday night before I get a chance to repeat the same and share the logs.

As per my support chat with IceTV, I'm having the same issue so sharing my info here to help IceTV & Plex try to get to the bottom of the issue.

I'm running Asustor AS6404T NAS, HDHomeRun Quattro and the latest Plex Media Server (

The IceTV setup fails on Step 10 of the IceTV Plex Setup guide... the "CLOSE" button never appears, instead that button just spins continuously to no end (waited 20 minutes)... so I never get to complete the "You will then see a progress as the programme guide information downloads. Click CLOSE to continue."

I've tried stopping and restarting both the Plex server (Asustor NAS 6404T) and the HDHomeRun Connect Quattro.

I also tried both the Encoded and Unencoded versions of the URL that IceTV provided to me.

P.S. As someone else posted, the HDHomeRun was NOT auto-found on the network, but after entering the local IP address though it doesn't "appear", after clicking Next the list of channels mapped to IceTV does appear.

I note that I was able to successfully open the content of 6.4MB "shows.xmltv" in Notepad & Chrome, so the file itself appears to be a well-formed XML file.

I look forward to advice from Plex/IceTV to get this working.

Thank you.

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