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Sorry for the late response, only just found the original post.

Just to correct an inaccurate reply earlier. Yahoo widgets is not open source, it is actually free but abandonware in its desktop form. Strangely, it is still actively under development and supported as the Yahoo TV widget engine and powers lots and lots of Samsung and other TVs. However that doesn't help you as the desktop version is no longer supported by Yahoo.

The confusion arises because the code that comprises your widget itself is entirely open source being editable and modifiable by yourself whenever you want to make changes.  You need the yahoo widget converter that converts a flatfile widget into something you can edit

Then you edit the files with a text editor. You will see a .KON file and perhaps some .js files. They contain the program logic. It is merely XML and javascript, commonly used scripting languages that anyone with some competency with web design will be able to modify with confidence.

I hope this is useful to the OP.

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