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IceTV EPG Content / "Nobody Else But You" had subtitles
« on: August 11, 2017, 07:44:32 PM »
The program details for "Movie: Nobody Else But You - SBS VICELAND HD, 12:00pm, Fri, 11 Aug 2017" (Melbourne) says "No Subtitles" but it was actually broadcast with English subtitles.

I forgot to mention in my previous post, a couple of the classification tags for the children's series Eve seem to be incorrect, it is from the UK, not the USA, and although there is some humour it is not a sitcom, it is a sci-fi drama.

Hello, the children's series Eve is showing episode details for a new series, but apparently ABC Me has changed their programming and are repeating the first series instead.  (Melbourne guide, 5:00pm, Mon, 7 Aug and other dates.)

The expression "smart-arsed" is offensive and inappropriate especially for a children's programme.  Also that entire sentence and the next is irrelevant anyway.  The real "smart-arse" here is the puerile idiot who types this sort of rubbish in the guide notes.  (This is the next broadcast time but this wording is in every broadcast of Flushed.)
Flushed , 7TWO, 7:30am, Mon, 17 Apr 2017, 30 minutes
You know that smart-arsed kid who always seems to know the answers - that nerd-in-the-making? That's the kid you need on the team to win this game. [ ... ] For kids from ages 9 to 12. ; Series, Australia, English, Children, Game Show.

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