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General Discussions / Re: quickplay tap broken after latest FW update ?
« on: August 07, 2012, 12:00:16 AM »
now i am not sure where the problem lies.

it's either TMS commander JDA skip OR Quick play tap causing the problem.


i think it's BOTH JDA skip and Quick play causing the issue.

i stopped quickplay, and i can PLAY recordings. if i try to skip using JDA, it reboots...
looks like new versions of both will need to be found.

temporary fix.... i downgraded to the previous FW and all is good again.


General Discussions / quickplay tap broken after latest FW update ?
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:57:24 PM »
hi all.

i have just updated the FW on my topfield 2400. i noticed that one of the taps had a scrambled junk name when it rebooted after the update.

upon trying to play any recordings, it would play about 2 or 3 seconds and then reboot the topfield.
i went into the menu and stopped quickplay. it then would play recordings with no issues.

anyone else having the same issues ?

is there a link to a newer version of quickplay out there ?
mines about 12 months old (topfeild and quickplay)

thanks in advance.


Topfield / Re: Dead Topfield TRF2400 ?
« on: August 13, 2011, 08:37:02 PM »
it was a failed hdd.

the trf2400 was only 5 months old too. not best impressed.
my old mp 5000's are still running fine after more than 5 years.

the trf2400 has been repaired and is working again. hopefully for more than 5 months this time !

Topfield / Dead Topfield TRF2400 ?
« on: August 12, 2011, 12:02:21 AM »
Hi all.

my toppy has failed to record a few things over the last few days.
i have come home to find it turned itself off. it has (or had) the recordings listed
in the recorded programs section. when i tried to play them, it would immediately say playback stopped.

now it has no access to the hdd, i keep getting "your hard drive is not ready"
also, the recordings menu is now greyed out, and the home entertainment menu is greyed out.
the tuner still works, the menus still work. i think it sounds like a failed HDD.

are these things easy to replace ?
can i buy a 1tb drive and stick it in tomorrow ? the unit is still under warranty (only bought it a few months ago)
but I'd prefer the quick fix rather that send it back to be replaced and be without a recorder for weeks
while it's being fixed.

thanks in advance for any info.


Topfield / Re: Series Recording
« on: April 03, 2011, 10:32:06 PM »
this is done from the ice tv web site.

under the show, click series options.


hi all.

my first post here.

i have recently bought a topfield 2400 MP to replace  TiVo (biggest waste of money iu have spent in ages !)
many years ago i had an old topfiled 5000 MP, so when i decided to replace the tivo, i went and bought the topfield 2400.

anyway, i have it set up all went well, i have installed a few TAP's.
i have it connected via wired LAN and it has network access, i can see youtube, and the ice tv guide,
and can even stream media from my PC, but for some reason, remote scheduled recordings from the ice tv guide

they are not sent to the topfield. i schedule something from the interactive web guide, i get the red scheduled
to record option, so all looks ok there. if i come back to the guide (on the web) in about an hour, the scheduled recording
has the yellow failed icon. and it's not transferred to the topfield.

i don't kno what's going on, as the first bunch of recordings i scheduled for friday and saturday worked fine.
but anything i have tried to schedule for this week coming up, have failed.

anyone here have any idea what's going on ?

i have emailed icetv support, but i thought id post up here too.
see if i might be able to get an answer sooner.

please help.


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