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Beyonwiz / Beyonwiz gets Ice Guide and Timers - but nothing records
« on: July 17, 2011, 05:41:33 AM »
I have been trying to get my Beyonwiz to record from IceTV but I am at a loss.

I am downloading the Guide just fine.  And recordings that I schedule on the website are showing in the guide (and the timers view) - but nothing gets recorded to disk (ie the times dont start recording anything).

I have tried doing a manual record and this works fine so it is obviously something do do with the IceTV service.

I have tried full re-initialization and the problem persists.

Any suggestions ?



I'd really like the folks at ICETV to make the iPhone app available globally (ie on the US apps store) rather than just the Australian store. 

I live in the US but like to watch my Australian TV through my DVR+Slingbox but I cannot use the iPhone app because I cannot download from the Australian apps store.

I cannot think I any reason why it should not be able to US users if I can do a similar thing on the web and that is not restricted.


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