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Aha, thank you Daniel. I can confirm it's now working on the web site and the Android app.

Hello hello. Yes it's been ages. Thanks for this, but I can't get it to work on the free account.
I have added a Keyword Favourite with  genre:War genre:Movie
There's a War Movie on 2:00pm  Sunday 16th Sept on 9GEM called  Ice Cold In Alex (1958). It has tags of Movie and War.

But it doesn't show up in My Week on the website or on the phone.   Can you please check? Have I got the Keywords wrong ? - I used the Wizard to build it.


Been a while :-). Was this ever fixed? Can you use this with the free service? Thanks.

Ok, I've tried a myriad of ways to get a Keyword Favourite to stick and it wont. That is Preferences Based On Selection-Terms of 'war' and 'genre:war' show 'hits' during the Preview step of the Wizard (to create them) but NOTHING in My Week. Can IceTV please confirm this is broken or that I'm doing something wrong? Thanks.

I have a Favourite of 'genre:sci-fi', but nothing is coming up in My Week, even though - for example - The Host is listed in the IceTV TV Guide tab as being on Sunday at 8:30 and tagged as "sci-fi".  In fact no genre: values are working, but Series Related Preferences (i.e. program names) are. Ta.

General Discussions / Re: Thanks and farwell
« on: October 14, 2015, 04:54:18 PM »
Can I just add my sincere thanks to you and your colleagues there. I really appreciate your efforts and want to wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

I'd love to have an option on the My Week screen (and TV Guide) to quickly show just my Scheduled Recordings.  AFAIK it wouldn't need another data download as the info is already on the Phone. I got the idea from the excellent SeriesGuide app, which lets you filter down such a 'big' view using selected criteria.  Basically just a drop down menu with radio button selectors. Thanks.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this?  Happened to me a few times. On my SIII, I've accidentally touched the IceTV icon and the app has tried to start, but as I've got no network (3G or WiFi) it can't connect. However - when I do activate a network connection the app seems to 'forget' my User and Password and makes me log in again. Grrr.  I think it does the same after an IceTV app update too.

Just closing this out. The "do nothing" approach worked just fine. Got home, after a week away, and - as predicted - the PVR
's clock was an hour out (i.e. still on DST) but all the timers had fired correctly and recorded just fine. I had not changed the padding.  Followed the usual process to change the time and all (still) working ok. Thanks again.

Hey everyone.  Thanks very much for this, excellent stuff.

I should point out the PVR will not have net access when I'm away, so NTP won't work and the PVR's clock won't change. 

In fact it seems prl's "do nothing" may just work, with one proviso. I just looked at the Timers; without me doing anything, Offsiders (ABC1 10am Sunday) is set on my BW to now be 11am Sunday. I'd tip due to the raw timer data - as has been said - being in UTC.

If I don't change the PVR's time at all, won't my "11am" timer fire at 11am PVR time, which is now 10am 'real' time, which is when the show goes to air?

The proviso is once I turn the BW and my LAN off (soon!) no more new timers will flow in. Not too fussed about this as the key ones are in there already.

Have I got that right?

Hey all. Got a Beyonwiz DP-P2 with IceTV.

For the first time, I'll be away on that first Sunday in April.  I'll leave on the Sat morning before that Sunday and be gone about a week.
Time on P2 is updated using a time server with manual UTC offset. 

Can anyone think of a set up I can use where my timers will fire correctly (even 'clever' ones like pad by an extra hour?)? Thanks!

I had two Series recordings set up for 8:30 Wed.  Via the New Shows page I accidentally set a 3rd timer for that slot (dual tuner PVR).

Later on I checked and it seems that the system had accepted the New Show timer but marked the existing Series (Puberty Blues) as being in error. Yellow exclamation mark.

I cancelled the New Show timer but nothing would let me 'reset' Puberty Blues.  I had to cancel that instance and manually set it as a one off recording.

The show was days away from when I was doing this.

Thanks. I actually didn't have any other times around that time at all last night, so something else went wrong. Can you confirm the 2nd issue; the show apparently not appearing in next weeks guide, despite Ch Ten saying it is on?  My Ice Guide is showing a Rugby League show, as I said earlier. That's what makes me thinks this is a NSW or QLD guide I'm seeing.

Update: BTG now showing next Thurs and the Rugby show gone. I should have taken  a screen shot! Did you guys change this or did Ch 10 provided updated data?

I have this as a fave to record, but it didn't record last night (26/7). Was it in your guide data?

Just checked their web site and it's due back next week ("Next on: BEFORE THE GAME 2 AUGUST (NC) 8:30 PM-9:30 PM" -  but doesn't seem to be in IceTV.  Showing Modern Family and Rugby (!).  My region is set to Melbourne, is this really Melbourne data?

IceTV EPG Content / REQ: RocKwiz - no spoilers (guests) visible
« on: July 08, 2012, 07:08:02 PM »
Howdy.  The 2 musical guests are (hopefully) a surprise each week. You guys list them and they then appear in the My Week listing. Any chance of either moving then further down in the description (so they don't appear in MW) or even removing them?  I'd appreciate it!
Thank you

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