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MythTV / Re: MythTV 0.22 - ICE TV Support.
« on: November 19, 2009, 11:31:00 AM »
After following the steps in my previous post, editing the channel information and assigning the XMLTV id to each of my channels, I can successfully browse the schedule and record TV shows.

MythTV / Re: MythTV 0.22 - ICE TV Support.
« on: November 18, 2009, 10:05:57 AM »
I have some small progress in getting the script to login and download during a mythfilldatabase.
If you follow the instructions for installing ICETV up to item 4.7 when it talks about -  Click on Finish. A progress bad will come up on the screen and stop at 50%. Leave it at this stage and press Alt-Tab to get back to the terminal window that you started mythtv-setup from. - Due to changes in how Myth handles XMLTV scripts this will not happen. As you can not run the XMLTV configuration from within the 0.22 interface you have to manually run the tv-grab-au-ice perl script to generate a config file which stores your user name and password.

My method I used was

1) Copy the tv-grab-au-ice script to ~/.mythtv (the hidden mythtv directory in the home directory of the user that I am running mythtv under.)
2) Execute the script using the following command - ./tv_grab_au_ice --configure
3) Enter your username and password
3) This creates a tv_grab_au_ice.conf configuration file in the same directory.
4) I then copied the tv_grab_au_ice.conf file to a file called ICETV.xmltv in the same directory. - cp tv_grab_au_ice.conf ICETV.xmltv - The ICETV.xmltv file is what Mythtv uses to read the configuration of the grabber. The ICETV part of the file name should be the same as the name of the Video Source that you created in step 4.5 of the ICETV MythTV setup steps.
5.) Once I had done this I followed the rest of the instructions and was able to successfully connect and download show information from ICETV doing a mythfilldatabase.

I am still having issues with my TV setup and have not successfully got it working but I that is more to do with my hardware setup than anything.

Will post more if I have any further success. 

MythTV / Re: MythTV 0.22 - ICE TV Support.
« on: November 03, 2009, 09:00:11 AM »
My appologies if my terminology is a bit off. I downloaded the  IceTV Perl Grabber that works well with 0.21 following the instrauctions from the ICETV help section. Applying the same process does not work with 0.22.

MythTV / MythTV 0.22 - ICE TV Support.
« on: November 03, 2009, 08:23:56 AM »
Hi All,

I have made the very long leap of the very short pier and upgraded the home Media Center to MythTV 0.22 RC2 running from Mythbuntu 9.10. Apart from a very minor bugs it is working wonderfully. Being a loyal ICETV subscriber for many year I tried to use the MythtV XMLTV scraper with 0.22 but alas I have had no success. The Channel scanning and setup interface is much improved and very easy to use in 0.22. The interface appears to have changed and gives the option of running the XMLTV setup from within the window, rather than having to Alt-tab out of mythtv to the console to configure the ICETV user settings. It appears to run if you tab into the window but will not accept any input and throws errors. 

Any idea when someone could have a look at updating the script to work with 0.22? Anything I can do to help with testing etc please let me know.

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