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EyeTV / Re: Sick of unreliability. Just Ditch the "fetch"
« on: May 23, 2011, 02:49:54 PM »

If I bought 2 eyetv netstream DTT's that would give me 4 tuners. If I just left these recording channels 2 7 9 @ 10..... say to a NAS,  24/7..... would that work?

There is no law preventing recording EVERY show. Once. "For the one off viewing of the private owner" is there?  :)

EyeTV / Re: Sick of unreliability. Just Ditch the "fetch"
« on: May 23, 2011, 02:17:57 PM »
Does the law say WHERE that recording has to actually exist? Or WHO does that recording for the personal customer?

Well ... yeah, it does, actually. That's a link to the FAQ for the Copyright Amendment 2006, which Daniel was talking about.  The situation is much better than it was prior to the amendment, but there's still an air of absurdity about what is and isn't allowed.

Sure. The law never keeps up with technology. The concept of a "cloud" based folder with all ones "recordings" in it has clearly escaped them. It's on the internet. But is completely owned/controlled and payed for by the end user...therefore whether that file exists in the "cloud" or on the HDD of a DVR, really shouldn't matter.....

What matters is the recorded file is for sole, personal and private use...

EyeTV / Re: Sick of unreliability. Just Ditch the "fetch"
« on: May 23, 2011, 02:10:31 PM »
Dan. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I much better understand the situation.  :)

As a bit of a fan of icetv and what you have done, this sure must be frustrating for you.

As for me, using your service, I still run 2 "recorders" doubling every recording up. One on a Beyonwiz. And One on the iMac. Just to be sure of not missing the recording.

It's probably me and my ageing brain  :-[ But just letting you know using icetv with eyetv is not always straight forward. Even for a tech head.

Maybe I should switch to a macpro with 2 x 4 tuner cards and record everything myself....

Thanks again for your time...

EyeTV / Re: Sick of unreliability. Just Ditch the "fetch"
« on: May 23, 2011, 01:05:04 PM »
tonymy01 is dead right on this one..

We have certainly discussed this idea in the office many times and there are serious legal issues that make it impossible.

About 2 years ago the law was changed to allow you to record TV programs for personal use, prior to that it was technically illegal to use a PVR or VCR but clearly that law wasn't enforced.

The law now allows recording of TV shows but only for personal use, not commercial use, in fact even for personal use there are a bunch of stupid restrictions that make your head hurt.

When you record a TV show you are allowed to watch it once only, you are then supposed to delete it. If you and your family were to watch a movie and you fell asleep in the middle then you can watch the rest later but no one else is allowed to.... Not sure how they plan to enforce that part.

In any case for a commercial entity, and particularly one that has spent so much time and money in legal battles with the networks, there is no way we would touch this unless the law was changed.

This is just a cop out. If you were recording for a customer's "personal use", why would the law have a problem with this? Does the law say WHERE that recording has to actually exist? Or WHO does that recording for the personal customer? Could not the customer's personal recording be in the "cloud" for example, with a specific software identifier. The model being: I chose on the icetv website what to record. Ice TV records it for me. Then adds a specific personal identifier exclusive to me, and I simply download the recorded file at my convenience when I want to view it. I wouldn't care if I could only view it once. You could have it self delete after that, to please the "authorities" if you want. All I care about is 100% guaranteed viewability of what I want "recorded". At the moment this just doesn't exist.

As you say DVR's and VCR recorders have been in existence for decades, effectively against the law. Yet this didn't stop the makers and public from embracing them. Since when should the law be the ONLY factor that dictates the adoption and efficient delivery of technology. If all companies thought like that, we would never have had the internet, computers, facebook, ebay, itunes and the ipod...and probably TV itself....

There doesn't seem to be any problem with our National broadcaster (and therefore the Commonwealth Government) effectively breaking the very law that they set up and you describe RIGHT NOW. With iView. There is nothing stopping me viewing the same ABC file over and over again. In my house. On the road. On my iphone. Anywhere. So where is the difference with me viewing a file in the same way that I ask YOU to record for me?

So we have the ABC breaking the law. And you say IceTv "can't"......If you guys don't get the balls to take them on, you won't HAVE a business model when catchup TV takes on. You won't even have a business! So what are you waiting for? Hire some very smart lawyers. And get going. Because what you are doing right now just doesn't cut it any more....Catchup TV is 100% effective. Your service is not....

If you are worried about the commercial networks suing your arse right now, then fair enough...start small. Offer only ABC shows this way. Perhaps the ones only available on iView. Then get your lawyers to run a test case...and see what happens...I'm no lawyer, but who knows you might actually win...

EyeTV / Sick of unreliability. Just Ditch the "fetch"
« on: May 22, 2011, 11:05:21 PM »
I don't know whether it's just me  ::)

But I'm fed up with the Icetv/eyetv/elgato/mac thing not being 100% reliable. Everytime there is a software upgrade, something seems to go astray.

Now here is an idea. Why doesn't ICE just ditch this "fetch" and "sync with our guide thing" we have to do and get right all the time, and simply record EVERY show on a giant server or something.

Actually surely this server wouldn't have to be too large, or a huge expense for the company.

You would just have to get some multi tuner cards and 3 or 4 mac pros or something...

Then when we wanted to view a show, we could simply "log on to the server", like we do with catchup TV such as abc iView, and watch what we want straight off the Icetv server....

That would be 100% reliable. And save a lot of the "missed recording" hassles...  :)

I just don't get why ICETV hasn't cottoned onto this....

EyeTV / Re: Every Recording is now called "Ice TV program"
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:23:38 PM »

I've had to re-install EyeTV a few times (not Elgato's fault; these were hardware upgrades), and I've learned to leave fetching of scheduled recordings on Manual until I can see guide data in EyeTV.  Only then do I switch it to hourly.

  Thanks for the time to reply. Is this what I have to do? Reinstall EyeTV?

EyeTV / Every Recording is now called "Ice TV program"
« on: May 09, 2011, 09:15:41 PM »
Seriously. Just looking through all the mac threads, just when is IceTV for the eyetv, EVER going to bee 100% fool proof..

This is my current problem since I changed my password (because of the darn playstation fiasco) and upgraded to 3.5.2

There is ALWAYS something with this service after an upgrade or change..

I mean IS Icetv EVER going to be 100% compatible with this platform  ::)

Is it EVER going to work properly?

I mean this has been a problem since 2007..see other thread on this..

Can someone help me out here ?

Thanks  :)

Beyonwiz / Failure to record Insiders, but Inside Business OK !
« on: March 06, 2011, 05:32:57 PM »
Hi I have a problem. The Wiz fails to record Insiders, but has no problems with the following show (Inside business) on the same channel.
Both shows are recording OK on my eyetv. Any suggestions what might be going on? It's got me stumped...Thanks!

I've been told by a computer guy that in order to use ICE TV properly a TV card with "on/off" switching is necessary.
I assume this allows the HTPC to be switched on in order to start recording.
He says such cards need MPEG2/4 encoding for this function.

Is this correct?
Is what he is saying a sort of an "awake from standby"?
The Hauppauge HVR 2200 MCE has MPEG is this card OK with ICE TV EPG?
If not are there any other suggestions?

I dont really want to leave a PC on all the time.

Well just went and bought a Beyonwiz, from Hardly Normal. It's now the 3rd of May and not a "freeview" sticker in sight..not on ANYTHING. Any TV. Any PVR.
And a big central store in Melbourne. The guy said the whole store had only ONE Mpeg4 compliant device in the whole store! So much for "Freeview's" great "Launch".
Customers galore walking out with mpeg2 TV's etc.... What a joke!

Bought the "normal" Wiz as recommended...thanks!  :) But at least HN had one working on display to play around with before purchase..

Actually I tried JB hofo first, but they refused to demonstrate the product!! Said it was against head office policy! "What the..." .That's fine I said as I "demonstrated" my exit...

General Discussions / IceTV and Elgato...what the.....
« on: May 02, 2009, 08:53:02 PM »
Hello. Ice Tv is a great concept.

I went out and launched into all this via the elgato solution. Wow. what a disappointing launch!

Basically Ice/elgato just doesn't work as advertised! It's darn well not good enough.

So please Ice tell me your EPG works better with the other PVR gear....

General Discussions / Re: Do I need a "Freeview" compliant beyonwiz?
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:57:05 PM »
Thanks. I kinda knew the networks were up to something! Got Foxtel worried's a much better offering and still free. Where is the equivalent networkable Foxtel PVR! Be stuffed if I'm going to add a couple of other Foxtel PVR zones AND pay them for the privilege....

General Discussions / Re: Do I need a "Freeview" compliant beyonwiz?
« on: April 26, 2009, 01:06:52 PM »
Still confused....that being the case:

If the current beyonwiz is capable of decoding a mpeg4 DVT signal, why are beyonwiz offering the same PVR "freeview" and non "freeview"?? 

Goodness help me when I go into  JB next week and try to buy one!

Would someone from beyonwiz and iceTV throw me a bone here....... ::)

General Discussions / Re: Do I need a "Freeview" compliant beyonwiz?
« on: April 26, 2009, 07:22:18 AM »
Thanks. But I'm still not convinced. Basically I don't trust the networks. What if they switch their broadcasts from mpeg2 DTV, to mpeg4 DTV?

Won't the non freeview beyonwiz's with their mpeg2 tuners be unable to receive the HD signal? (no matter what EPG is used).....still confused  ???

General Discussions / Do I need a "Freeview" compliant beyonwiz?
« on: April 25, 2009, 08:55:35 PM »

Newbie here. I'm about to launch into the HD DVR world. I'm going to get 3 Beyonwiz's and network them. Run them all with iceTV.

I know there will shortly be released two types of beyonwiz PVR's. The current non "Freeview" and a new "Freeview" compliant one. The IceTV website says Ice will work with the new "Freeview" transmission. SO do I need to get a "Freeview" WIZ?? Or is it better to get an non freeview one that will allow add skipping etc....

I guess what I'm asking is that after the networks switch over to their new mpeg4 DTV signal, does it matter which beyonwiz I get if I'm using ICE as the EPG...

Get my drift...if it's not confusing enough!!!  ???

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