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Smart Recording website and General questions / Re: New Interactive
« on: August 11, 2009, 10:54:57 AM »
Getting back on topic, though. I see to my disappointment that the series recording that should have recorded last night's episode of Harpers Island, the final, went grey and didn't record. I did absolutely nothing to the series recording settings. There seems to still be some problems with the new scheduler.

I'm normally pretty sanguine about missed TV episodes, but even though HI was pretty ordinary drama, it would have been nice to see the ending.

At the initial changeover I missed a whole lot of shows across both of my devices.
I eventually had to
  • Delete all recordings on my devices
  • Clear my ICETV cache
  • delete and recreate all of my recordings on ICETV. (This was a pain without "All")
  • Resend all recordings to devices

This seems to have fixed the problem, but I must check to see if HI actually recorded.


Update: My device recorded the last HI episode.

.....................  If a particular showing was being recorded by multiple devices, we'd need to somehow display all of the info for each device, as well as provide a way to cancel the episode and/or the whole series on each device...................

I'd never want to "record the same show at the same time on different devices". This would be a waste of resources.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone with more than one device has used the "record the same show at the same time on different devices"  capability or even sees any value in it. If you do see value then do you value it over the "All" capability.

Russell, can you please consider providing the "All" function over the ability to "record the same show at the same time on different devices"

If someone ever wanted to "record the same show at the same time on different devices" then they could always set a manual timer locally outside of ICETV.


Smart Recording website and General questions / Re: New Interactive
« on: August 01, 2009, 07:41:47 AM »
Hi All,

Don't get me wrong I love IceTV BUT..........

I hate how they separate the items by PVR. The ability to manage multiple PVRs is one of the main reasons why I use IceTV.
Having the information separated by PVR makes it more difficult to manage recordings. I wish that there was always an "All" option and that it was the default.

On the "TV Guide" and "My Upcoming Shows" tabs, I hate how I can only view one device at a time.
There should be an "All" like in "My Shows" that displays which PVR is doing the recording.

While I'm at it I also wish that they would provide a "last EPG fetch" status for all PVRs registered.
They should move this status to My Account/Interactive in with Interactive Devices table.


On behalf of the Engineering Team at IceTV I appologise for the difficultly some of you have been experiencing.

We have been able to establish a pattern of behavior that seems to be common to people seeing this MSG: "" error on their Beyonwiz units.

At this point it seems as though the messages coming up from the clients are not being fully processed, in fact the logs show the messages being truncated mid way through as though the process has been terminated.

I'm in the process of trying to add additional debug to the server to shed some light on the issue, this is currently our number one priority and will remain so until the issue is resolved.

Daniel Drysdale
Software Manager @ IceTV

Hi Daniel,
I have also had this and other problems occurring with my DP-S1 and DP-P2.

Current problem is that all recording stay as "queued recordings". (Red with black dot)
Most recordings are set as timers, the odd one isn't.


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