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Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Unwanted recordings???
« on: April 05, 2008, 02:15:01 PM »
Hi, I seem to have exactly the same problem. I'm emailing this through to support as well as posting here.

I've had a few issues with programs queueing but then failing to record on my vista pc, so I've deleted the contents of the AppData tasks folder but have yet to try and update the IceTV interactive program. I waiting for my ADSL to be reconected following a house move so to update the program guide and scheduled recordings I need to connect using my 3G mobile so I'm trying to make sure everything is right in 'remote' on the website (from work) before I conect up (at home).

When I look under 'series' all the settings are correct though some of the programs aren't queued and when I view in 'scheduled' I get extra programs (currently 'Lewis'' at 8.45 Sat 5/4/08 on 7, and 'Moment of Truth' at 7.30 Tues 8/4/08 on Nine) and some of my series recordings don't appear (Top Gear, Robin Hood). What I have found is if I delete the rogue scheduled recordings, new programs appear in my scheduled recordings and other of my series recordings disappear. If I go to the TV guide (on your website) and select the episode of the series recording that fails to appear in schedule and tell it to record, it will queue again, but another unwanted recording appears and one of the other series recording disappears.

If I do update IceTV interactive at home I do get these unwanted programs in my record schedule and the series recordngs that don't appear in the scheduled tab don't appear on my PC.

I think this has been happening for a while but I've not noticed so much as the recordings have been failing because of the corrupted tasks issue.

Currently I've gone back to scheduling recordings directly from the guide in media center as this seem a lot more reliable, but I'd much prefer to use your service if it worked as it was supposed to.

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