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I'm really not sure and would love to know the answer also.

- the whole failsafe for important recordings thing is my driver here...I've even resorted to setting up the "failsafe" 2nd recording of an important show on my laptop then unplugging the network cable from it, just to be sure.

Ideally, I'd love to be able to simply schedule the show on both machines and manage via IceTV.

I use Ice TV Guide with Showshifter 3.12 and the Hauppauge / New Magic USB2 DVB tuner on a Win XP Pro (SP2) box.

I've noticed  a couple of problems with the red dot scheduled recording indicator and the Showshifter ‘to do' list for scheduled recordings.  I’m hoping someone can help.

1).  When using the Showguide 'Grid View' to schedule recordings:
Showguide --> Grid View --> Select Program Detail --> Record This Show Only
the red dot recording indicator does not always appear after I select to ‘record this show only’ then return to the grid view.

I’ve not tried to record a series of shows yet.

2). The scheduled recordings I have setup and listed in the Showguide 'to do' list randomly disappear.
This is usually accompanied by the red dot disappearing from the 'Grid View'. There appears to be no specific pattern to when and why it occurs (not that I’ve noticed anyway) but I suspect it is related in some way to ShowGuide daily updates.

I noticed a similar problem reported in the  Windows XP Media Center Edition forum under the topic:
"The program name still listed in series recording, but red dot doesn't appear."
but there is a follow up from IceTV Administrator saying that they have fixed problem of the red dot on program names disappearing after guide updates. This fix was for MCE and completed back in 2005.

What am I doing wrong / why am I loosing scheduled recordings?

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