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Topfield / TRF-5300/5310/5320 - New Toppys with IceTV support
« on: September 19, 2015, 10:09:56 AM »
I have found on-line retailers selling the TRF-5300/5310/5320. They are twin-tuner quad-recording PVRs with IceTV Interactive support. The only difference in the three models is the size on the internal HDD (500gig/1TB/2TB).

They appear to be replacements for the TRF-2400/2460. The specifications indicate that they run the same generation firmware as the 2400/2460. The main hardware difference is the absence of component output and analogue input.

It is not clear for the specifications if the support TAPs. Topfield Technical support advise that they do NOT support TAPs.I have attached the TRF-5320 information brochure.

There is no mention of the new model on either the Topfield Australia or Topfield Korea www sites (strangely this is not unusual conduct by Topfield).

Update 27-09-15: According to the Topfield Australia WWW site the TRF-5300 HD supports TAPs (see; I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this statement.

I thought it would be an excellent idea to put together Skippa improvements that have been suggested on the Forum (in no particular order of importance)
  • add the ability to copy (multiple) files to USB HDD including all meta data - can be played as native file rather than media file. One-at-at time file copying is 'unacceptable'
  • add an ftp server - able to copy files with correct names and meta data to PC or MAC
  • add the ability to edit recordings (ability to remove pre and post padding would be a good starting point)
  • add an alternative EPG guide (similar to JustEPG). Interim solution of bieng able to toggle on/off the current program details displayed in top half of screen
  • add ability to apply padding (pre & post) to individual programs/channels.
  • add ability to record manually i.e. to record back to back programs on the same channel as one recording so alleviating  the need for padding between the programs.
  • to be able to set the skips for playback for more than one specific interval. (at least two)
  • add ability to change the default (whether to record first runs only or repeats) for individual shows
  • add ability to create folders to store recordings in: recordings meeting specified criteria automatically moved to designated folder (update 28-09-15: all recordings made in a series recording automatically placed in spearate folder - blue key to do it manually or to undo the 'grouping')
  • Ability to unmount usb drive from media menu. Settings/Device INfo seems strange place.
  • Display disk name in media screen
  • "Real" power switch on rear of the unit
  • Removable internal HDD similar to the TRF-2200
  • Fix the display on the front of the SKIPPA; it is recessed into the case, so you can only clearly see it when you a looking straight on.
  • The ability to re-order the channels in the EPG.
  • The ability to turn off ad-skip; Better yet, the ability to specify which shows to process at the time you set the recording.

Update: I have incorporated suggestions in post below in the initial post. I will add further points as they are made.

General Discussions / Seven Digital 4 Melbourne
« on: June 23, 2015, 03:57:52 PM »
Just did a service scan and it found a new 'channel', 7 Digital 4 (chanell 6 but no provider). Content seems to be identical as Seven Digital (LCN 7) and LCN 70 and 71. The LCN is 78.

Does anyone know what it is doing?


For reasons that are to complex for me to explain here, the Topfield Australia Forum has been temporarily disabled. I am advised by Topfield Australia management that the Forum will definitely be off-line this weekend. Hopefully it will be back early next week - I have have been given no timetable for its reappearance.

Elsewhere I noted the late change by 1/12 for White Collar last night ( I would have expected the Toppy to delete the timer, but it recorded on both Toppys. Not sure if this is an IceTV or Toppy problem.

Update: Apparently the IceTV EPG data was only updated 30 minutes before scheduled time, and as I have 15 minute pre-padding there was only a 15 minute interval within which the timers could be updated - the Toppy only checks for updates about every 15 minutes.


For the second week in a row White Collar was replaced by another program (which was also transmitted on 10 at the same time - very strange programming decision). This seems to have been a late change as 1/12 was advertising it as being on the day before and, if I recall correctly, earlier on the day of scheduled transmission. This is not really an IceTV problem as Network 10 seems to be deliberately attempting to mislead viewers. The IceTV EPG content was update for this late change some time on Wednesday this week. In both cases the timer was not deleted on either of the Toppys on which it was scheduled.

The free-to-air EPG data must have been updated quite late in the day as non-IceTV Toppys using SmartEPG still recorded a program at 7.30 (correctly titled).

End of rant.


Topfield / TRF-2460 now shipping with 2TB HDD
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:40:14 PM »
Both OKShop and Topfield Australia www shops are selling the TRF-2460 with a 2TB, rather than 1TB, HDD ($559). It can also be obtained from the OKShop eBay store.


Topfield / TRF-2460/TRF-2400 output stuck on 576i after firmware update
« on: February 08, 2015, 05:35:52 PM »
There is a bug in the August 2014 TRF-2400 and TRF-2460 firmware that causes the output to be stuck on 576i and possibly the yellow function key to stop working. If you use component (or composite) output rather than HDMI the picture is 'stuffed'. The procedure for fixing this problem is provided on the Topfiled Australia www site:

Other things can also go wrong and the procedure described appears to fix them.

The 'bug' appears to be in all firmware for Australian Toppies releases since March 2014.


Not seen this before, tried to update series recording from 'new' to 'all episodes' and the site crashed with an SQL error. See attachment.

Not sure what is causing this.


Topfield / Timers deleted when EPG data updated
« on: May 28, 2014, 05:04:59 PM »
On both the TRF-2400 and the TF7100HDPVRt I have had multiple instances of timers disappearing. I think I know what is happening but cannot see any way of fixing it.

I have two, sometimes three, consecutive programs on the same LCN scheduled to record (usually series recordings). As expected, about 5 days before the program is scheduled the timer is added via IceTV Interactive. The problems is caused by a change in the scheduled commencement time and/or length. For example Timer 1 is scheduled to commence at 8.30pm for one hour and Timer 2 is scheduled to commence at 9.30pm for one hour. The Toppy downloads updated EPG data and the revised times are 8.35 and 9.35. Rather than editing the existing timers, the Toppy deletes the timers in sequence. The Toppy deletes Timer 1 (8.30 to 9.30) and tries to create a new timer from 8.35 to 9.35 (Timer 1a) but cannot because it clashes with the next timer which has not been updated. The Toppy then deletes Timer 2 (9.30 to 10.30) and creates Timer 2a for 9.35 to 10.35.


IceTV EPG Content / NCIS 25-03-14 (Melbourne)
« on: March 25, 2014, 07:06:02 PM »
Not sure if this is the correct place to post. However, on both my 7100+ the timer disappeared. On IceTV interactive www site there is an error message in each case. It looks like the commencement time was changed from 8.30 to 8.35; the timer for NCIS: LA changed to start at 9.35 rather than 9.30.

Not sure if this is a Toppy problem or a problem with IceTV. The timers were definitely there yesterday.


Topfield / 7100+ and 'phantom' episodes of Elementary
« on: March 08, 2014, 05:23:49 PM »
I have set Elementary for series recording (all episodes) on 2x 7100+. The last two Sunday nights an episode has been scheduled to record (on TEN). After the timer downloaded IceTV updated EPG data to remove Elementary from the schedule but the timer remained in place.

I have also recently had two or three instances where the scheduled time for a program has changed, and the old timer has not been deleted and a second timer has been added. In each case both recorded. I think these instances were on a 2400. One program was on a Seven Network and the other on Nine Network.

I have had 5 devices set up for best part of a year. One unit has not been active. I replaced that unit, deleted if from IceTV interactive. However, when I log in on the Toppy it only shows the 4 existing units, not the new unit. I'm sure I had 5 Toppys running IceTV interactive without issue before I retired my 7100HDPVRt.

Has anyone seen this before? I wonder if it is a Topfield firmware problem? The firmware may not like more than 4 devices. But as I said above, I'm sure the onld 7100HDPVRt was appearing as a device before I deleted it.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Topfield / Timers not recording
« on: October 28, 2013, 10:46:46 AM »
Twice in the last week I had timers (series recording) that did not record. One was on Network 10 the other on SBS. It was not Toppy specific as this happened with both Toppys that were set to record the programs. One was White Collar (last Wednesday, One) and the other Finding Your Roots (last Saturday SBS).

Anyone else seen this happening?


Topfield / Duplicate timers when scheduled time changes
« on: July 02, 2013, 11:36:30 AM »
Rather than update existing timers/reservations when the time changes, I am now getting numerous duplicate timers for the same program. The start time varies by 5 or 10 minutes. This seems to mainly happen on 7 Network. Is anyone else seeing this. It happens on two 2400. They are using different firmware builds. One Jan 2013 public release the other is running beta firmware.


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