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It also defaults to series from the TV Guide section.


In the iOS app, when you try to add a recording for a program that isn't a series (like a movie) the recording options default to Series recording rather than Episode Only.

Is it possible for the app to default to Episode Only if the program isn't part of a series?


Beyonwiz / No repeat flags on T3
« on: April 22, 2015, 02:09:22 PM »
In my recorder setup on the Ice website I have a custom repeat flag setup to add (Rpt) to the end of the program title, but it doesn't show on the T3.

I contacted Ice Support in October last year and was told it would be available very soon.
I contacted Ice Support in January and was told the interim API the T3 uses can't handle it but final testing on the new API was underway, so it is very close.

It's now almost May. Any idea when we'll be able to see repeat flags on the T3?


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