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IceTV EPG Content / How long before updates ripple thru database?
« on: August 23, 2010, 04:05:14 PM »
G'day. Still on a trial with my BW P2.  Going very well so far.. question.

A show (As It Happened.  SBS2. Melb. Tues 24 Aug @ 8:30pm) is clearly flagged as a Documentary in IceTV.

I have a keyword fave Genre:Documentary.  But this show wasn't picked up by it. It seems all other doco's are in My Week, but now I can't be sure  :'(   

The helpdesk thought there had been a change to the Genre for that show and it would take a while to show up.  How long should this take?

BTW a manual (dropdown) search on the main TV guide for Genre:Documentary finds this show, but it does NOT have the green KF icon beside it. The other docos do - except where there are 2 showings and the repeat is skipped.

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