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I'm using XP and FF 3.5.2 and the interactive screens all look OK to me. But I am confused because none of the screens that I can find have the banners referred to - "auto-renew and save" so it seems that I am looking in a different place.

FF broke into 2 streams a while ago - each of which is being supported with updates separately. If you are in the 3.0.x stream you only get 3.0.x updates and similarly the 3.5.x stream only get relevant updates. 3.0.x is only being supported until Jan 2010 and change to 3.5 is recommended. I don't ever recall being advised of this by Mozilla though, and until a couple of months ago I thought that the 3.0.x updates that I was regularly receiving were making sure that I was on the latest version.

Yes, I see the option now. For some reason it wasn't there the first time I looked but I can't reproduce the sequence of actions that I used to get to it. Thanks for the help.

I read in the help that to get ICE to apply a keyword search I do a search for the word I want and when it is found I can schedule recording. (I think). I looked for something but it was not found because there was no match for any show within the next week - presumably. How do I tell it to look for a show with a particular keyword and to either record it or show it as a favourite whenever in the future it may appear - ie beyond the next week?

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt / Re: Problems with Interactive & TF7100HDPVRt
« on: August 10, 2009, 11:03:36 AM »
I find the wireless on my TF7100 is disappointing in one aspect in particular, when the Toppy turns on it checks for internet, if that fails for any reason it then sits there and never tries to connect again.  Has anyone found a way to automatically reconnect the net if it fails?  Currently I have to go into network settings then disconnect, reconnect and save, then go into EPG settings go off IceTV and exit, then go in to EPG setting again and reselect IceTV.

I see that this post has not been responded to. Do you still have the problem? I think that you might need to check your network settings - in my case the 7100 checks the wireless network when it comes out of standby and again every minute or so. If the network comes up some time after turnon the TF finds it and connects within 1 minute.

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt / Re: What's happened to the Topfield Forum?
« on: July 23, 2009, 09:19:06 AM »
Progress report. No information available about the forum's return. Someone is (said to be) working on it. Comment was made that the more people that call and complain about its absence the more likely it is that the work will be given higher priority.

Smart Recording website and General questions / Re: ABC HD
« on: July 10, 2009, 06:51:05 PM »
Mikeathome is yet to show an example where that policy isn't being followed on the commercial broadcasters IceTV guides, which was my challenge.

The argument that I have previously read on this forum, from ICE staff, explaining why the ABCHD guide is blank, was based on the logic that the entries that were there signified programs that were broadcast in true HD or which were different in content to the programs being broadcast on the associated SD channel. Blank entries were to be read as suggesting that the same program was being shown on ABCHD as on the associated SD channel.

All programming on the commercial HD channels is not native HD content, nor is it all different in content to its associated SD channel. So, if ICE's stated logic as applied to ABCHD was being applied to the commercial channels, then parts of the commercial channel guides would be blank. This is not the case, so there must be a difference in the way they are treated.  Greats slabs of vacant guide in one case compared with no vacant guide in the other, seems like a glaring difference to me.

Again, elsewhere in this forum, it was acknowledged that it was just too hard to define which parts of the commercial offerings were native HD and which were not, and so it was decided to adopt the current policy where the commercial channels are being treated differently.

Ticking a box to eliminate the problem, as suggested, does not solve the problem unless you have chosen to redefine the problem to suit the availability of that option. As I have said before, twice above, IMHO the problem is that gaps in the guide looks to the first time and casual user as an error. This is made worse if that user is trying to contend with equipment that has unreliable or inconsistent firmware, flakey or inconsistent network or internet connection or just has limited skills/experience in this whole area.

Suggesting that eliminating what appears to be an error situation must first involve reading this forum and/or testing the available options by clicking on various links suggests a higher level of end user understanding than my experience indicates is generally available. Surely ICE should not be deliberately positioning itself such that its services can only be effectively used by people prepared to spend time educating themselves understanding its intricacies. End users expect the systems they use to be set up by suppliers/providers such that the default situation that is presented to them on setup works as expected without having to be changed.

So, again in my opinion, the matter could be simply resolved if the default position was to treat ABCHD the same as with the commercials and offer the tick box option to those who want the present situation - to see just the HD and different offerings appearing in the ABCHD guide.

Thank you - that achieves the objective I was after.

Smart Recording website and General questions / Re: ABC HD
« on: July 10, 2009, 12:36:27 PM »
My TF7100 shows a continuous EPG for the commercial HD channels - there are only gaps in ABCHD. So yes, there is a difference in what I see. I don't have any way to know what is really HD and what is not, however I find it hard to believe that episodes of, for example, "Bewitched" (in todays 9HD guide) were recorded in HD.

My real point, and I've made it before here, is that gaps mean error to the average user. ICE should not be exposing itself to unnecessary criticism that it's guide is incomplete. ICE should not be relying on users bothering to find their way to this forum to remedy the problem. This is just my opinion and I am aware that it is not shared.

The current interactive guide currently breaks up the day into 4 period subsets with two additional options (now and the rest of the day). I would like to suggest that an additional selectable option be added to display the whole day (12.00 am to 12.00 pm) in one listing and to retain this as the default - at least during the current session. When searching through the guide over several days it is tiresome to have to keep going back and selecting the period required - 4 times for each day.

Smart Recording website and General questions / Re: ABC HD
« on: July 10, 2009, 10:35:04 AM »
There have been many posts as well as responses from ICE in this forum in the past and there are clearly two main sets of opinions. To (re) express the other, IMHO it is inappropriate for a guide to be blank when the relevant channel is in fact showing something. Blank places mean ERROR - they lead users to think that there is something wrong either with their equipment or with ICE  - and it is silly to suggest that all users should have to come to this forum to discover the reason for the gaps. ICE's treatment of ABC - different to the treatment of commercials - smacks more of idealogy than common sense - again my opinion. The only benefit is that the inclusion or not of an item in the HD guide shows users that a real HD offering is being shown. There are surely other ways of doing that - that then could also be applied to the commercials.

In Adelaide where I live ABCHD shows a different news service to ABC1 at 7pm. It does not seem to be local.

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt / Re: What's happened to the Topfield Forum?
« on: June 23, 2009, 06:26:30 PM »
I rang TF support yesterday as the six weeks was more than over. Was told that the forum would be back "soon" - pressed for more precision but didn't get it. Also the person I spoke to said that the delay was because a new web site was being developed - apparently web site developers cannot be held accountable for keeping to delivery dates as their work is "difficult". He would not confirm that the content of the old site was going to find its way to the new - although he did say that it wouild be a good idea.

Some of the user guides have recently been published on DTV Forum.

General Discussions / Re: Colon in Titles
« on: June 01, 2009, 12:12:59 PM »
I support the OP's request. I would think that the EPG is constructed in a way that might easily enable the colons not to be put there in the first place. If the colon is used simply as a text separator, replacing it with an underscore or space would seem to be simple and would eliminate the need for anyone to have to change firmware etc.

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt / Re: Interactive on Toppy7100
« on: May 29, 2009, 05:23:00 PM »
With the latest firmware my 7100 takes 33secs to boot from standby to picture and a few more seconds checking HDD.

The reason I raised the issue or rebooting several posts ago was that I think that going in and out of standby (rebooting) might impact on the ICE EPG and the fact that I and others are not seeing the same problem as the OP might be because I turn my 7100 off when not in use whereas the OP says he does not. Just a thought.

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt / Re: Interactive on Toppy7100
« on: May 27, 2009, 03:33:38 PM »
I assume that by reboot you mean going in and out of standby?

You mention that your TF is always on - by which I presume you mean powered up and not in standby. I seem to recall a lengthy discussion on the now unavailable iTopfield forum (possibly in regard to the 7000) about whether units should be left on or switched to standby. Different people had different opinions but after reading it all I recall that I could see no real reason to leave the device on, and therefore I turn mine off (into standby) when its not in use. Clearly it was designed for this type of use otherwise it wouldn't have a standby option nor the facility to wake up to record nor the sleep timer options. Also the internal HDD is not designed for 24x7 use.

I have been using the latest TF firmware with ICE since its release date and haven't experienced the issue you describe.  I am, however, still occasionally (usually on Fridays) finding the ICE EPG blank. It comes back after a while (I usually switch to FTA in the meantime to find out what's on). Despite trying everything I can think of I can't make it come back, it has to be left to do it itself.

Obviously, new or changed timer settings from ICE interactive will not be able to be affected unless the TF is on and connected to the internet. Some have apparently dealt with this when away from home etc when the TF is not being used by setting a wake up timer for, say, an hour every day.

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt / Re: Transferring mpgs to/from the TF7100
« on: May 06, 2009, 05:27:32 PM »
If you look at the videos folder on your external HDD you will see that each recording that you have made using the 7100 has 3 files, a .mpg, and a .nav. If all 3 files are not present for any recording, what is there will be deleted, as you have experienced. As stated above there is a process for creating the .info and the .nav files described on the Topfield forum which is presently unaccessable.

Many have found an easier and less time consuming alternative is to get hold of a cheap dvd player with a usb port (make sure that it will play your files first) or a less cheap but much more functional media player such as the Ziova CS615 ($129 plusPP on Ebay).

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